Is it bad to tech with middle finger and pointer finger

i have big hands and it’s hard for me to use thumb and pointer finger

is it bad if i use middle finger on light punch and pointer finger on light kick? to tech?

i also use my pointer finger for light kick in general

is this bad? should i use my thumb instead?

whatever is comfortable hell if ur ok with throwing ur leg up and teching with ur big toe go for it. as long as you can tech a throw and not get hit it doesnt matter what u do.

Everyone has their own way of tapping the buttons. I personally use my pointer finger for only Light Punch and Light Kick but that’s just me. I’ve seen people play differently so it really doesn’t matter, as long as you get the job done.

It’s a minor detail, just do what’s comfortable. I do every 2x button press with my pointer/middle and I have zero problems

That’s the way I do it. I pretty much tap all the buttons with both my index and middle fingers paired next to each other. I tech/throw with my middle finger on LP and index finger on LK.

I do that, and I also FA like that too.

The thing is, theres no “right” way to use your stick. I’ve seen sticks with a WADS set up, like a keyboard, some people play cross handed. The only “right” way to use a stick is a way that feels comfortable.

If it works, who cares. As long as you’re not fumbling around to re-position yourself afterward.


That’s how I tech and focus attack. So if it’s working for you it isn’t bad at all. Some people use their thumbs because it’s more “natural” for them.