Is it better picking characters you like instead of characters to just get a win?


sorry for the long title name lol. I had this game for a while now and i still get destroyed by the usual. I mostly just pick characters i like but i haven’t got many wins by them (Deadpool/Dormammu/Strider). So any advice would be appreciated


you’re more likely to want to put the work in if you play characters you enjoy. so yeah, in a way it’s easier to get good that way.


you get better by first learning how to play the game.


I would try to make them work as much as possible before considering switching. See if the team works well together. What assists do you use?


Dormammu-Dark Hole


Well, these seem real good as Striders Vajra is overpowered as fuck. I am no expert at MvC3, but this team sounds like a good start. Keep studying them and trying to see where you can improve with your team. Like the timing of your vajra assist button presses, how well they DHC, and how well they play in the neutral game. Like, can you effectivly control space with this team on occasion? If not, try to learn how you can. If the team still doesn’t work for you, ask the UMvC3 section on some tips for using these characters efficiently, if at all.


If you want to get better faster, learn to like characters that are the best in the game and play those characters. The derpier the better. Now I won’t stop playing MODOK, because I have fun with him despite working 10 times harder than the Vergil who gets touch of deaths for breathing on me.

This game allows for all types of upsets though because of the system, but you’ll do much better learning to love the derp.


It depends. You not only have to like them, but you have to like playing them, too. I love me some Phoenix Wright, but I hated playing him, so I ditched him quickly.

Fortunately, this is hardly ever a problem to most people. Playstyle might have already been a person’s reason for picking X character already.

Plus, switch to Quick Work assist for Deadpool. Can’t really see Katana-Rama benefiting Dorm/Strider.


that’s a pretty good team IMO

it’s lame as fuck but if that’s what you’re going for then i’d say you’re doing it right


your characters are actually legit, so just practice


you can’t really expect to win much when you start out no matter what characters you pick


yea accepting that you are going to lose a lot before you start winning will definately help soften teh blow, and it sounds like you have a legit team as well. and if you stay loyal to characters you like and continue to work on tech, you can find some pretty incredible stuff. ihave some spidey/hsien ko tech on my old team that i still havent seen replicated by anyone else yet. learning the intricacies of a character in relation to their team mates can really help you develop and forces you to think creatively, which is what marvel is all about. some characters just need you to think outside the box.



I just started getting back into the game and I am picking characters that I like… mostly… I picked Iron Man and Morrigan because I really like them and I was stuck on picking a third for the last couple days. My first thought was to just add someone who is top tier to make the team a little better but after some consideration I decided to add Doom. I don’t hate him but I’ve never really been a fan of his, but he got the spot because he works so well w/ Morrigan.

It can be hard to play a team of all characters you like. As others have said sometimes they may either suck, or not work well together. Your team sounds really good. All those characters are great. I secretly still want to kick Doom off my team and replace him w/ someone who I like more and is Top Tier. Vergil and Magneto would be my other choices. But for now I am going to learn Doom.

Sometimes you just have to give a little on what you want so that you can get a lot back from the game.

Don’t forget, I am pretty new to the game (starting to take it more seriously) so take my advice w/ a grain of salt.


Depends on how many characters you like. If you like only 3 characters and you want to pretend that the other 47 characters are unplayable by you then yes it will be hard to get wins. Solution really is to like more characters.


This is kind of a moot point because the characters that OP likes are really fucking good. He isn’t trying to play with She-Hulk or anything.


Other characters i choose are Morrigan and Trish and i’m trying to get better with Hsien ko and characters i would probably never pick no matter what would be Wolverine ( i hated him before the game lol) Haggar and Zero


I like Iron Fist and how he plays, but he was the clear weak link on my team, so I swapped him out for Spencer. Someone that I also like playing as, but isn’t an ass character!


yes by far. in fact, unless you’re a hardcore tournament player, playing a character you “like” is necessary to actually keep up and stay with the game.


Fortunately in this game you can approach the whole team building story in a bunch of different ways and still have a good team. I’ll list a few different, more or less effective ways of approaching this below:

  • pick your favourite character and build a team around him. Every character has a bunch of assists or characters to dhc into for optimal results in both, damage and neutral game. An example for this may be knives team of spencer/sent/akuma. Of course you should pick two characters that have at least some kind of synergie for second and third, so that you don’t instantly lose as soon as your point dies.

  • pick two point characters you like and add an assist that both of them benefit from, example may be mag/storm/sent. The synergie between mag and storm is meh, but drones are godlike for both of them. Another axample may be marlinpies team. Though viper and doom habe “good” synergy, there are better 2nd characters for viper. The thing is that both of them love ammy and neither of them has to rely on each other.

  • pick three characters you like and pray to god you can make them work. ^^ this can be awesome and end up like combofiends vanilla team, which works in basically any order. But this can also end up like royal flush’s team… No further explanation on this… ^^

  • give a shit on character loyalty, take a look at the top ten of the game, pick the three characters you like the most (if at all, if not, pick the easiest ones ^^), go to tournaments and durp your way into the top 3. Get shiny white skin, win evo.


Try using Deadpool’s quick work assist instead of katana-rama, it works really well with Dorm. If you call it in when your opponent has been hit by flame carpet it will hit your opponent towards Dorm.

Plus if you call it during a tri-dash it can lead to some pretty decent unblockables.