Is it better to chop up parts of the combo when learning them?

I recently just got into fighter’s not to long ago , I just picked up Street Fighter x Tekken , and I am really loving this game. I am kinda having trouble executing combo’s in Sf x T, because I am used to Blazblue’s canceling system. I understand that link’s differ from cancel’s , but is there a way get into the groove of the way link’s work? Would it be better for me to do the link’s bit by bit or all at once ?

Yes. Break the combo down into sections.

There are plenty of links in Blazblue.

What i do is i do the first part until i can do it perfectly a few times in a row and then i continue to add pieces to the first move until i have a combo.

Chopping things up to help you memorize them is a fundamental of learning. You should be doing that with anything.

Yes. Also: