Is it better to trust your gut instinct or to doubt everything with cold logic?


Which one do you think a person should trust? In the instances where my gut feeling tells me something bad is going to happen, it usually did. I never owed it to my instincts, but rather to the events which immediately preceded it…you know, things were unusual, and using that information I surmised that something was about to go very wrong.

But then I think back to when I locked eyes with my ex-girlfriend a few months ago. It sent an inexplicable feeling down my spine as my synapses were sent into a frenzy. I had never felt something so beautiful, so intimate, so intense as that. I can usually ignore my feelings but I have never been able to shake off what I felt at that moment.

However, I begin to second-guess myself, because how do I know she felt it? I surely did feel something as we shared looks, and despite the awful vision I could see her beaming face clearly as she walked towards me. It means nothing, however, and it does me no good to draw conclusions in the dark.

So where do we draw the line, or in which ways should we trust? Visceral feelings are very strong, but what we can see and touch is just as valuable.


I’d say for me… 95% of the time cold logic… 5% of the time trusting my gut feelings… sometimes you gotta make a jump to keep your life exciting!


I prefer warm food over cold any day, even sandwiches. Though I have the weirdest taste in the world so take it as you will.


i love the three times a year you journey to GD :slight_smile:


being a poker player, its usually cold logic, but there are a few hands that i just play because of some superstition or some shit.

poker vernacular ahead.

for example, twice in one session someone raised all in before the flop and i happened to have like 3 5 or 2 4. i folded of course and both times flopped a straight, which would have taken the hand. it happened again a few hours later, someone going all in probably on AA or something and me with 2 4. so i called, and flopped a fucking straight lol. so now i always play that way in that situation when all cold logic goes against it.

end poker talk

sometimes you have to be human. nobody uses cold logic all the time. luck can happen.


Neither, I actually opt for warm logic.


given perfect information, I will always go with logic. realistically you’re not always going to have perfect information, so you have to use your intuition to fill in the gaps.

but generally I base all my decisions on expected value.


Cold logic, emotions usually can’t be trusted and cause you to make stupid decisions, ditto with instincts.


I usually trust my warm gushy feelings unless it is something important. Although 99% of the time, if I feel a certain why about a situation I’ll sit down and try and figure out why I have those feelings; usually when I’m done with that I find that I have some very compelling (even nicely cold logical reasons) for the scary feeling. Meh.


Trust everything with cold logic.


My warm gut telling me this is a troll thread

The cold logic of your trolling history


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Logic separates us from (other) animals. Show some appreciation for your place on top of the food chain.


90% of the time, logic. Although I often look back and wish that I had trusted my gut.