Is it considerd noobie if i spam headbutts + butt slams?

i was just wondering cus iv been playing him for like half a day now and i win alot of matches.already have about 1.1k bp. and yes i know bp means nothing its just a refference. but i feel bad after i win a game. am i playing honda right by playing defensive or am i playing like a scrub ?

Good luck beating someone good or a chun or guile. If your rival is bad enough to be beaten that way you will learn nothing.

The thing is that if you are planning for tournaments or just screwing online. For the former you will need solid tactics.

This board is for becoming better you indeed can if you are willing to train and learn.

yh but when i say spam i dont mean i just use em. i just use em alot. i use hand slap, and try his target combo to, and some pokes… i just like to keep away the opponent really .

Spamming headbutts is not something you should ever do, buttsplash spam is kinda different tho, certain characters have kinda of a tough time dealing with it Rufus come to mind.

I like to do things till they stop working. If my opponent can’t deal with the buttsplash gauntlet, why would I do anything else to him?

yeah it’s thier fault if they dont know how to punish

1.) The WIN is all that matters.
2.) You’ll eventually run into someone that knows how to punish those moves (Most characters have a way of punishing a block Fierce or Medium Headbutt) so if you’re serious you won’t rely on those tactics.
3.) Don’t call it spamming. Call it “applying pressure”. Sounds much more professional.

Blocked headbutt = freeee U1 for Chun-Li.

This, especially in AE. Ever since Vanilla there’s been an intensive guide per character on how to beat (blocked) headbutts, as it’s the most obvious thing players will be looking for when fighting a Honda.

Learn the c. lp and hands pressure as well.