Is it disrespectful to kick your opponents when they're down?

I’ve played against people before who would complain about me not letting them get up after they’re knocked down. Most notably in Tekken, I’m pretty ruthless and go in for the kill when my opponents are on the ground before they can even get up. Could this be considered disrespect and cheap in some way to some people, or is it ‘anything goes’? What would be considered respect and disrespect in the fighting game community, well, during a match?

It’s not cheap or disrespectful. It’s just how the game is played. I always get yelled at by my friends when I perform 100+ hit combos in marvel because I’m not giving them room to breath. Why would I drop my combo and run the risk of letting them make a massive comeback and killing me in return? Always go for the kill if you can.

As for the whole “respect” and “disrespect” during a match…I think it’s dependant on the people watching/playing. Some people may think sweep kicking people after a knockdown in tekken is disrespectful, while others may think that it’s just part of the game (like I do). Don’t think into it too much; you’ll always have at least one person whining about something that they perceive as cheap.

your just fine, if you feel bad tell them how you are beating them and see if they improve.

They are scrubs. Okizeme isn’t cheap it is a part of the game. If they don’t want to lose because they are free on wakeup then they need to not get knocked down. Asking your opponent to completely eliminate something a fundamental as Oki only hurts both players overall.

No, it’s called playing to win. You don’t play fighting games so we can hold each other’s hands and be BFFs til the end, you play to become better than someone. Not letting them up after a knockout is called playing smart. It’s their fault they got knocked down in the first place, and it’s their fault that they don’t know how to block or escape out of the situation. Tell them to stay free.

The only thing that’s truly disrespectful is:

  • you talk way too much shit (but for some people, this is perfectly acceptable)
  • you physically hit them
  • you taunt in-game and in real life (its fine if they’re friends, and in fact, encouraged)
  • you physically move their controller and its parts
  • you abuse the game engine in a way that would make it banned in tournaments (i.e. picking Akuma in ST, or Shin Akuma in CVS2)

Other than that, anything goes.

I am of the opinion that if you are doing something that you opponent can do as well, it is not cheap or unfair. There is no advantage that you have that you opponent cannot also exploit. If it’s a character-specific mechanic (like Hakan parrying in SFIV), it’s not unfair to use because your opponent has exactly the same options when picking their character as you. Like the others have said, you can’t please all the people all the time. If they don’t like the fact that you’re hitting them OTG, they should learn how to tech roll out of it (I don’t even know if this is a thing in Tekken). The onus is on them to learn how to deal with it, not on you to do “fair”/“respectful” things. Disrespectful is scoring a knockdown and taunting (though some would disagree). Hitting OTG is playing to win.

It is not your fault you can punish them for their sloppiness.

Get that OTG damage and post-KO victory duffs.

Fuck no it’s not disrespectful. The only things I consider disrespectful is picking Shin Akuma in Alpha 2 or 3 and Akuma in ST or HDR because he’s broken as fuck. My friend ALWAYS picks Shin Akuma in Alpha 3 like a cheap bitch but I still beat his ass.

in a real fight for whatever reason it would be disrespectful, dangerous and unfair. unfortunately this became the trend nowadays in fights and brawls.
but in a fighting game? no…

In a fighting game, your objective is to win, using any means possible. Unless you’re playing Bushido blade.

When your opponent is knocked down, you are at a huge advantage. If anything, it is disrespectful not to exploit the advantage to its fullest. If you do nothing on knockdowns (setting up good spacing counts as something), you’re basically telling your opponent you don’t even need that advantage to defeat them.

If your friends are whining about you destroying them on wakeup, do them a favour and teach them some general methods for dealing with wakeup pressure, eg. how and when to tech, wakeup attacks, meaties, proper blocking etc.

Is it disrespectful to kick your opponents when they’re down?

if it was, magneto would NEVER combo

Nope, it’s called a OTG.

Knockdowns, okizeme, and OTGs in fighting games aren’t just put in for looks.

Hitting chars on the ground in tekken is part of the oki setups and actually taking that hit is a good method to AVOID further mixups since you can tech roll and it usually gets you a bit further away instead of standing into something.

Hitting them after the round is just LOLOLOLOL[but some people get mad which is even more lulzy. I had one guy literally run up to me after that and bitch me out] I really miss the Vanilla SF4 love taps - you could get some neat looking combos out of that…

I’ll still hit you after I’ve won the round or match:D

The only shit I ever find disrespectful is after a match, somebody sends you some hate mail about it, win or lose. It’s really raunchy. Either win or loss for me, if I played somebody and had a good match, I’ll send them a “gg” along with a message if necessary (e.g. - Nice charge partitioning). If I lose, I typically do something like that because it’s ugly to not. They outplayed me, so yeah. ggs. If I win, I’ll determine whether or not I bodied them and send them accordingly. If I see potential, I’ll also send them that. But when I win and somebody sends me shit about being cheap… That’s even more disrespectful than my 100% combos or “cheesy tactics”… What’s worse is when somebody wins and they throw it in your face.

That being said: If they’re getting salty from you hitting them while they’re down AND messaging you about it, that’s more disrespectful than playing to win.

It’s disrespectful to NOT kick someone when they’re down in a fighting game because it’s saying “I don’t need my best to beat you.” If I were playing a top player in a ft5 and I somehow managed to land a hit, you bet your ass I’m gonna do the full combo because I need every bit of damage I can.