Is it easy to replace a happ stick with a perfect 360?or p360 is a thing of the past?


I have had my mas systems stick modded 2 times already. Since I cant use lolipop sanwa, seimitsu, or hori sticks, I stick with american happ. Well the one I use is an IL stick ( original happ with cherry switches ). I was wondering if the process of replacing a happ stick with a perfect 360 one is easy. Do they have the same dimensions? How about the wiring? I currently use a mas systems large case, with an IL stick, sanwa buttons, and a hacked xbox 360 pad that has a ps3 board on top of it for dual console use with auto-detect.


dont know abot the dimenesions. My guess is thet they are the same. But the wiring is totally diffrent due to the optical sesnsors. The p360 will need a 5volt to wer it up and its own ground ofcourse. I am currently wiring a xbox 360 controller pcb to a custom happstick. Let me know if you have anymore questions.


As long as you have the depth you should be ok as far as mounting it. You’ll just have to check the wiring. 4 wires for the signal lines, one for the 5v to go to the vcc and one for the ground

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Thanks, I will keep the 5v power up in mind.