Is it even possible to get onto the front page?

I mean no disrespect to the SRK staff or anyone when I say this but it seems impossible to get on the front page unless you are a pro. I’ve seen a lot of good videos and I have sent so many emails to the SRK tipline but none of them get published. I just made a video about a way to beat projectile supers from full screen and I feel like even if i post it everywhere, no one on the staff will see it. Is there a way that non pro’s can get onto the front page? Because that is like a dream of mine to have something of mine on the front page. lol

Aiming for the stars with that dream, for sure.

Well dream your ass on outta here

Just punch someone or suck keits dick.

Also make crappy REALLY expensive shirts. SUCK ON THAT KINEDA.

Hi that’s cool that you have goals and dreams. But this is the wrong forum to share those goals and dreams. This forum is filled with negative dream crushers and killers. Posts such as this typically result in the original poster being flamed, mocked, and ridiculed as well as thread derails and trolling.

But um, just keep trying. If you are passionate about something, sooner or later it will pay off. and ignore the haters.

I got on the front page twice in almost one month. My dream has become a reality twice over!

watch this vid and tell me you couldn’t see it on the front page. . . .

You mean his dream has become your reality.

Post the video in the media section let SRK judge it

already did. . . . .

I watched it, and can tell you I couldn’t see it on the front page.



find a cartoon that has a Street Fighter joke, and you’re front page material :slight_smile:

Oh man, this is some Inception style shit goin’ on!


It’s all with Cap-Am and most of it takes either 4 meters, x-factor, or both. It also requires someone to do a random fullscreen super.

At the end of a match thats all akumas and taskmasters do when your low on health. And also every character has something they can dhc into that doesnt neccesarily have to be a level 3. And since when is 4 bars and x factor for a dead dark pheonix and a win a bad trade?

One tip is to shorten up your video. Keep it short and sweet, it’s 6 minutes of the same setup (Captain America Charging Start DHC into another character, which a long generic followup combo). If It was done in 2 minutes and labeled more as a “Using Captain America to beat projectile supers” then it would be more apt. Keep at it and keep making videos and you can make the front page someday : )

You have to make a really big discovery, make a heavily edited combo video, or be funny on a slow news day.

Unfortunately I wouldn’t consider this a really big discovery, compared to something like the Spiderman v Nix setup or Dante’s Bold cancels.

And I don’t think any decent Taskmaster would use Legion Arrow for chip unless it’s guaranteed (at least, I don’t) - Aim Masters do almost as much chip and are safer (in that they can be cancelled to Aegis Counter or Legion Arrow). I’m pretty sure Akuma is in the same boat, with Goushoryu instead of Aegis Counter.

i understand what you guys are saying but then why do old balrog videos and repetitive comeback compilations make the front page and i cant. . . .no offense to anyone

Im wondering, are you wanting your video’s posted on the front page so you can be recognized or so you can help people get better?

The only reason i do these things are to help people get better, and I’m not really only talking about my video. . . .I just want there to be some way that good unknown people who have good ideas can get onto the front page and be seen.