Is it even possible to get onto the front page?

because your video was complete ass and the ones on front page are half assed.

The comeback compilations are way more interesting than your video because they’re actual matches, but I stopped watching them a long time ago because they did indeed get repetitive. Comebacks are only cool when they’re live because when they’re all compiled together it loses its effectiveness.

There are definitely ways to get on the front page, mostly by making sure you have something new or interesting in it. Plus as a bonus if you get on the front page of SRK then EventHubs will leech the content to theirs as well getting oyu on 2 front pages

I thought they let any old shit on the front page … Anyways , just give it a shot over at eventhubs im sure you will get the front page there .


  1. The front page is FULL of randoms. It is very rare that any player of note makes content that gets front page attention.
  2. You’re not gonna get e-fame for getting your video on the front page. That’s clearly what you’re after, and it’s silly.
  3. Your video isn’t all that great. OK, Charging Star goes through beams. Who doesn’t know that?
  4. Focus on winning a tournament, instead of getting on the front page of SRK.

Start by not calling them pros.

You’ve made me hate music from Ocarina of Time… why would you do such a thing =[

I’ve been on the front page once. It was a nice surprise.

I’m pretty sure if I finish my SFEX tutorials, they would get on the front page somehow.

A six minute video on a Day One Captain America concept? Get out of here with that bullshit.

Ok i get it guys, the video is stupid as fuck i know! How about you look at my other videos before you judge the shit out of me!

[LEFT]…good sell :rofl:[/LEFT]

There was a time, but SRK got pissed and corner trapped Keits, so he is only reporting SRK worthy news and leaving the random stuff only for slow news days.

Nope, you already used your one chance to convince me, and you chose…poorly.


This is precisely why we passed on this video. Its just not typical to send out a “rejection letter” to tipsters unless they are genuinely asking why their content wasn’t used. If it were a really slow day, or I was doing a ‘roundup’ type post, it is possible that a video like this could be used. There is just a lot more going on with the news feed other than “i sent it in, so it should appear”.

Keep working on content and take the constructive criticism of others and you’ll figure it out soon, im sure.

Or perhaps you wont.

now i feel embarrased. . . . .:-[ sorry keits i kinda let my emotions get the best of me in that last post

When mvc3 first came out in went to Wednesday Night Fights. I had been in the lab with Sentinel for a long time. I was using some flashy damaging combos on Clockwork during the warm up matches on stream. Mike Ross, James Chen, and Ultra David were watching me.

All three of them have me props on my sent. Mike Ross was going crazy and even wrote on my facebook about it. James Chen showed me some new stuff too.

It’s not about getting on the front Page. I could have submitted those combos and got on the front Page. But it meant more to use it in a tournament and be recognized by actual players. Not some randoms on the Internet using online tactics.

Go out and play. You will get on the front Page If you actually try and get better

You are absolutely right. . . ive been trying my hardest to just get better in mvc3 and AE so by the time I go to a tourny i will do very well. I have a great captain america and (from what i’ve seen) the best balrog in Rhode Island. Also I’m only 16 years old. . . .so by the time i get to about 19 or 20 i will be a regular at tournaments and start doing very well. This whole thing about getting onto the front page was pretty stupid now that I think about it. You guys are right, chances are I will get on the front page sooner or later. . . .i just need to keep playing.

  1. Find copyrighted fighting game-related artwork that you didn’t make yourself 2) open it in Photoshop 3) add glow filter and ugly colors. Simple! Last guy who did that made the front page for months.

BossLogic is watching you, Taito

and glowing

I was going to say something about Keits’ front page material not being any better, but seeing how he now has a Zoro/Robin avatar I just don’t have enough meter for a hate ultra, so my post is lacking in good content just like the OP’s video.

The OP, with his sense of direction, looked like pre-time skip Zoro. It looks like he redeemed himself in his latest post though.

Good luck to you. Try to become the best player player in the world, and the attention will come to you, whether you may want it or not.

And stop whining…