Is it even possible to go to University part time?

Uni’s, like the one I’m going to, charge by the year/semester, not by the classes, it seems. So what happens when you end up with 1 to 3 classes left over (whether due to failing/repeating classes or availability problems) that you need to finish to graduate?

If you are at uni now talk to your head of department or your tutor, SRK is not the place to ask lol.

Int the UK its 100% possible a lot of uni’s offer part time arrangements. Would be surprised if you can’t in the US considering how much you lot pay

How much we pay? We’ve got a lot of schools over here… some of them quite cheap. But yeah, most schools in the US allow part-time attendance. You usually pay per credit hour at that point. Contact your school.

Most students already do.

That’s strange. Most, if not all, accredited universities charge you per semester credit hour and NOT “for the full year”.

I agree with the previous poster who said you should talk to your adviser in order to straighten this out. Furthermore, have they talked to you about Financial Aid (a.k.a. The FAFSA)? If not then I’d say something is very fishy about that school.

my fuckin wack ass school charged full time tuition for anything over 6 units.

So then you just take the classes when they’re available. A lot of people work so they don’t have time for full time, that is, depending on which university they go to, full time in one university can be less class load than part time in another. I’m pretty sure your “university” has part time options, you’re just being ignorant as always and don’t know what you’re talking about and trolling.

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I was a part-time student for a couple of semesters. It still costs a lot, but not quite as much as full-time. Obviously you won’t be paying the same amount. But anything at uni is expensive.

Are we talking about “college”, or is this “University” another institution of post-high school education?

College brah.

Ooooh. So, just because colleges are usually named “University of”, they just call it “university” instead of what it is? The uk is a strange place…how do they know which college campus a person is talking about? Is that when they say the actual name of it?

University of Phoenix.

He had a general question about universities. That doesn’t really require specific names of schools. That’s irrelevant to his question.

What most people do is just go to school full time and take out enormous loans so they can focus on their studies. Which is why the average person graduating college leaves school with more debt than they can repay in 10 years.

But for some, that’s preferable to stressing about money while in school, getting a part time or full time job (or 2, or 3) and watching their grades suffer.


a.) Get free student advising

b.) troll srk

Choice is clear imo

Well in that case, do most Uni’s also require all students to bring laptops? Mine does, and having laptops as a “requirement” is news to me.

Where are you from? I’ve never heard that. I know some of the really nice, really expensive schools actually give you a brand new laptop when you commit to them. Given, you end up paying for it anyway with the insanely high cost of tuition and expenses, but still. It seems a little ridiculous to me, but you can always just get a netbook for really cheap. It will serve its purpose. But with the economy the way it is, I’d honestly just go to school part time (take about 3 classes a semester), and get a full time job, or a part time job (closer to 30 hours) and just pay your way through so that when you finish, you won’t be sitting in a pile of debt and be just as unable to find a job in this economy as if you didn’t have the debt! Plus, by taking only 3 classes a semester, you’ll be there an extra year which will give you more time to figure out what it is you want to do, and also give the economy more time to (hopefully) bounce back. That’s my opinion anyway. Most people, like he said, just take out insane student loans.

So some universities require you to not pay attention during lectures?