Is it for some players...?

Is it for some players to have a very off day and lose to opponents that can easily be beaten? I was playing online today and was totally off for some reason. I seriously couldn’t execute anything, even some basic moves for some reason. I was thinking it was the way I was holding the arcade stick but that couldn’t be it. I couldn’t figure out why I was out of my game. I was so frustrated I just went offline and just kept thinking why I couldn’t execute combos, basic moves, supers, ultras, etc. Has this happen to you? Have a off day and just need to rest? Does this happen even to good/great/pro players when they have a off day?

It happens to everyone who plays…except me.
So don’t worry about it.

Everybody has off days doing everything.

Was that sarcasm or what…?

Today was so frustrating and was wondering if other players goes through this

roy halladay doesn’t win every game he starts.

true…just that I had a off day ad couldn’t get a win…or execute anything

You should have seen me play 2 days ago, lol.

This happens to everyone. We’re not robots, we’re biological creatures which can be affected by way too much stuff. Just play another day.

yeah…had to just put that controller down and rest

I recall a few weeks ago I was playing my brother with a headache. He was curb stomping me brutally. A few days later I played him without one, and the situation was reversed and he could barely get a single round. So yes, sometimes you will not be in the correct state to play well.

That or you were playing people who were better than you. Which in turn kinda throws you off your game cause you kinda get salty and then everything just starts to fall apart. Thats when you need to just get off for a bit and do something else. Which is what i do most of the time.

yeah hating it. 2 days of a off game too

I did. I’m sparring my friend that I run through all the time and now I can’t even get one game

Never, NEVER play with a headache. That’s a golden rule for fighting games I set myself. You’re not patient, you’re not focused, you can’t think clearly…the only thing you’d manage to get is an even stronger headache. XD