Is it going to be worth getting CS?

Now I personally know nothing about Blazblue but been I’ve always been wanting to give this series a try. Is this sequel worth getting in terms of them not releasing another sequel in a short while? (I have a feeeling this is like Street Fighter IV to Super Street Fighter IV, but I could be wrong). Basically I don’t want to “waste” my money like I did on Street Fighter IV.

Also it seems that you have to pay for DLC characters. I don’t think Makoto is out yet, so I guess you guys can’t say too much about it. But, I already see character colors, voices, and some unlimited characters on the Xbox Live Marketplace. I don’t plan on getting the colors or voices, but what about the unlimited characters?

Finally if I do get this game, which platform should I get it for? I have a dual-modded stick, so I’d prefer the platform with a more diverse/“better” community.

Thanks for the help in advance.

Just gonna throw this out there… you feel you “wasted” your money on SF4?

And to answer your question. Yes you should buy the game.
As for the platform? Either one. They both have a fairly similar sized community. The big competitions usually use PS3.

yes it is watch the vid [media=youtube]tsNtFI5iyoQ[/media]

Well truth be told, I may only play this game for a day at max. I never played GG or BB so I Just want to try it out. That being said, I don’t want to have an outdated game a year later (and pay for DLC that I’d only use for a year).

The only reason I was fine with SF4 to SSF4 is because I enjoy SF and play it regularly with my friends. I don’t know if they’ll enjoy this though.

buy or don’t buy it, I don’t think anyone’s gonna care.

Go buy it, it’s better than the first game yo

This video makes me want to get the game. This is one of the most entertaining videos I’ve seen about JUST buying the game.

I picked it up yesterday and I’d say it’s well worth the buy. It’s much more fast paced and technical than SSF4 so if you feel you wasted your money on that, you may prefer this style of fighting more. I don’t really know.
The community on the whole for this game, at least in my experience, tends to be a bit more competitive but at the same time more willing to help out if asked. Also, the PS3 vs 360 thing just comes down to personal preference I think.

Any system you want; its preference.

If you don’t like yearly updates to fighting games, you probably should play other games. It’s gonna happen

You probably will only play it for one day.

It’s a superior game to CT in every way.

The challenge mode for your character actually teaches you practical, relevant combos.

I assume players will move on from CT to CS so it has a longer replay value.
I’m asking myself the same question, but that’s because I already have CT.
Because what you get is 2,5 new characters (while it already had few) and some new modes…that’s it.

Gonna say the rebalance is the biggest draw for me. Things seem much more controlled and refined this time around, and the new characters really do add a lot of spice to the mix.

How can only 2-3 characters add that much?
Well at least rebalancing seems to be okay, I hope they didn’t screw up Rachel…
And the game seems to be ?40 (like CT) in stead of ?60 (like most games) so that’s a plus.

Edit: Yup, they did it. They fucked up Rachel pretty bad.


Bad luck then.

Also, CS adds alot mostly due to the rebalancing and system changes, which is actually pretty drastic. The burst and guard break system doesn’t suck this time at least.

Yeah I saw BLAZBLUE Continuum Shift : Changes
At least it softens my irritation of having to wait 3 months…


I’m just glad that it isn’t nearly a year like CT was.

Though I’ll be getting the US version anyway.

Will DLC still work then?

There is a lot more new content in this game than ssf4. It’s not even comparable. Story mode is huge with up to 3 endings per character and one overall true ending, training mode is an amazing tutorial to 2d fighters in general (they go go option select throw/barriers for god’s sake), the tutorial goes over basic strategy/anti-air/spacing/combo paths for each character, and they have a challenge mode with tons of bnb.

What they did to Rachel is horrible though =( I hope to god they fix her in a patch.

I would rather have characters like mu-12 than 6 rushed, generic fighters categorized as “rushdown,” “zoning,” etcetc. Blazblue does real well making each character fight completely differently. If you tried to describe someone like Carl as a mixup/trap fighter you wouldn’t even touch on the depth of his character without talking about his sister.

The Story Mode in this game is almsot worth it itself. It can take weeks to finish the completed Story Mode with everyone at 100%.