Is it hard to meet new people at EVO?

I plan on going by myself next year to EVO and was wondering…is it hard to meet new people? Do any of you guys go to EVO by yourselves and still have a great time? Just curious :stuck_out_tongue:

Just go up to people and say hi like you would anywhere else…no big deal.

I’d imagine its not that difficult to walk to up to some guys having a side tournament/casual and start a light conversation.

Maybe you should try to get to know some members on the site now so that when EVO rolls around next year you have people already there who expect to see you.

oh it was super difficult. i only made like a dozen new friends when i went to my first evo in 2007. i tell you, nothing was more hard than getting really drunk and just talking to everybody.

it’s not hard to meet new people and make friends. but i’m not so sure if it will be easy to get to know some people close enough to spend time with them OUTSIDE of evo in vegas. if at all possible you should at least have one other friend in your circle you can fall back on to do shit outside of gaming.

Just chilling with guys in EVO is fine with me. I just don’t wanna be Forever alone and all.

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Dude, I’m transgender and walked up to people and spoke. Evo is really chill. Very few people bring that internet shit to the real world and the ones that do stay to themselves and their circle of friends. You will enjoy yourself if you come out.

Maybe Evo should host like a get together before the tournament for first time people going to the tournament. That would make it easier for people to meet new friends.

They did this year. It was at Insert Coin(s).

And talk about each other’s moms…

circle jerks with TE sticks? OKAY Loser plays with their face…

I would imagine meeting people pretty easy at Evo, especially this type of scene.

have alcohol with you

and dont be a complete nerd

While there are a few people I chill with at the 4 EVO’s I been to I’ve hung out with a bunch of random different people every year we’re all there for the same reasons (games in EVO ballroom, drinking+doing dumb shit outside of it) just go up to a group of people and start talking it’s that simple.

This year I was hanging with like 4 different groups of people and the real issue at EVO is correctly balancing your time between fighting game fun and non fighting game fun.

And don’t bring a bitch back to your room always go to hers even my drunkass remembers that.

Some people such as myself usually come on here and post room numbers for anyone to come and hang out. Always a good place to start.

…And a bad place to end ;).

If you’re an active loser on the forums that are familiar with the event, and meet those people you see on the forums that you communicate in real life, then it shouldn’t be any trouble (I’m a loser that does that. Me and these guys found some oreos, AND ATE THEM!! SDF;ASDLFJ;ASKLFJKL;ASJDF).

If you’re NOT familiar with forums and gay stuff like that, it still shouldn’t be any trouble.
It’s easy to relate to those at Evo seeing as how you share the same hobby as everyone else attending those events. But just be careful about one thing:

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