Is it hard to put emulators on a PSP?


Recently found a PSP that my brother in law has no more interest in because the lens no longer works and he gave it to me. If I get it fixed, I was thinking of putting in emulators for the NES, SNES, Genesis and some other systems. However, is it easy to mess around with this system’s software so I can put these emulators in them?



Depends on the firmware. I’m a bit out of date on the PSP modding scene, but I know that the newer PSP’s have yet to be cracked. Best bet for you is the old 1000 series or one of the first run 2000’s, those you may be able to mod with a special battery, I think Datel makes one. Hit a psp forum, they can run you through the steps.


kit hit the nail on the head!


For some emulators, it’s not worth it.

The PSP has low system resources for this to begin with.

It’s mainly a memory issue – 16MB main system RAM is not a lot to work with and some emulators require more than that to run smoothly.

Everything also has to run off the Memory Card. A faster card helps but transfer speed will be a limiting factor for the EMU, too.

Also, I have read of people getting arcade fighters to work on the PSP but consider this…
a) you have to find an emulator that works with the PSP IF you have a cracked version of the firmware;
b) the emulator probably will not run at full speed because of the RAM issue; the ROM of the game plus the size of the emulator might be a bit too much for the PSP; MAME and most emulators only run well on personal computers because of RAM issues. A processor over 200MHz generally works well for a good chunk of the games ever programmed but if you don’t have the RAM to run the emulator smoothly…!
c) the PSP is horribly set up for fighting games… Bad d-pad, insufficient buttons and bad button layout for 6-buttoon fighters; and
d) when I owned a PSP I did have the occasional system lock-up/crash with emulators. It mainly happened with Doom!


Well, don’t need to buy the battery you can make your own, not sure if i can link this here but PSPISO - Play Station Portable Games is where i learnt everything about the psp :slight_smile:


True, you can make a “pandora” battery yourself(I’m guessing that’s the link you put up Troll, didn’t check), but to do that you need a hacked PSP and one of the older batteries, the batteries that have come out in the past year or two are pandora-proof. I have a pandora setup tucked away in my drawer just in case I brick my PSP. Its pretty easy to do if you have a friend with a modded system though.
As for emulators, I have quire a few running on my PSP. Somehow the SNES games don’t all run at full speed, some are better than others, but NES, GBA and several arcade emulators work flawlessly. I have one 4gb stick dedicated to Capcom and Neo Geo fighters, Marvel vs Capcom on-the-go baby!
I’m getting a bit off topic with this, but there is a fix for the bad d-pad issue, all you need is a Pringles lid and a pair of scissors. Cut a + the size of the d-pad out and place it under the d-pad, over the membrane. Stiffens the whole thing up. Google “PSP d-pad mod”, you’ll see what I mean.


I have a PSP 1000 i stoped playing because i was annoyed of the crappy d-pad…after the d-pad mod i can actually play darkstalkers & SF2 on the go without problems…