Is it just me having troubles on how to hold an arcade stick?

I’m new to fighting games. I want to be good in these games in order to get better in these games is to buy an arcade stick/fight stick. But the problem is i can’t even qcb and qcf properly ? AM I THE ONLY ONE ? :frowning: IT’S REALLY FRUSTRATING.

from a player of both pad and stick, I can tell you there is no difference between both. Try both out and decide. If you stick to arcade stick you will eventually learn how to use it properly.

I’ve read some forums that when you use an arcade stick. Your movement will be fluent. So even it’s hard to use it. I will put my 100% effort to it :slight_smile:

Welcome to SRK.

No, it’s not just you. It’s perfectly normal to be bad at things when you first start.

Check the arcade stick/execution stickies for tips. There is lots of information out here at SRK to help you. Please read the stickies before posting questions.