Is it just me or do 99.8% of people online use Ryu or Ken?


I swear…every time I enter a game the person picks Ryu, Ken, Evil Ryu. Ryu, Evil Ryu, and Akuma. etc. etc.

Is this annoying to anyone else?!

There are lots of characters! Try them! Really!

Or maybe I’m just mad cause I get 0wnz3d every time by Ryu/Ken. sigh


I’m a dreamcast and arcade only gamer, yet I play Ryu, Ken, or Akuma all the time! In fact, in Ryu was a real person, he’d be my hero. Based solely from watching the SF alpha anime, what kind of person would walk around in his bare feet and karate uniform literally everywhere (including the streets of NY), all the time? One tough mutha that’s all I know! :lol:


I know how you feel. Not a single day goes by that I don’t end up playing a Ryu/Ken/Akuma or Ryu/E. Ryu/S. Akuma team. It’s enought to bore one to death.
The only good part about playing so many of them is you learn quickly how to shut them down :smiley:

Really people, out of 30+ characters, do you really have to stick with the same 3 characters. Get creative, stop being a mindless automaton and think for yourself, and try something new…


Preach on Brotha! :smiley:


Hey, it’s better than Cammy/Blanka/Sagat every match…


shoto is strong, but i certainly wouldn’t kneecap myself and play three virtually identical characters for it. one ken is good enough for me. :smiley: i like to keep all of my bases covered as much as i can.

i wish ps2 had online cvs2, my friends won’t play me anymore unless we play stupid TTT.


Well im not suprised 2 find a lot of ryu ken akuma teams. Ryu and ken r great al around and akuma has great priority. But i do agree i would enjoy playin other teams as oppose to the borin ryu ken and akuma. Ken is the only one who really gets my attention . I personally play guile vega and blanka my self:evil:


Doesn’t matter to me what team my opponents pick, it’s all about the thrill of the fight.


Well nothing annoys me more than an air fireball-spamming S. Akuma. Id rather play 40 shotos in a row than 1 gay S. Akuma


actually i use only ryu evry day along with terry though


its simple…pick vega or hibiki own them all for free. :stuck_out_tongue:


He takes so much damage it isn’t even funny, like shooting fish in a barrel.:smiley:


Amen, CBS is scrubby, even in the hands of a pro. I have a very deep, inner hate for Sagat myself… So don’t mind me. :bluu:


Eh? Mindless? I like my Ken. I’ve played with Ken since he was available ( street fighter? street fighter2? ). He’s my best character, deal with it.


yes, these shoto teams are fucking queer.


Ken happens to be my best character as well. Shit who do you play as? Yamazaki? Sagat? All those fucking queers don’t even deserve a spot in the game if you ask me. If you wanna play characters that stand around playing pocket pool, or any of the other characters with no class, then shit who’s teams are queer? I’d use KRA before CBS any day, because they have class! Even so, one shoto max per team. That’s just how I’m expressing the lameness of players who NEED CBS to win. I should note that in truth I think Cammy and Blanka are not low-class. I don’t really mind them, mostly just Sagat.

Of course, as I type that I’m assuming you use top-tiers only, but for all I know you could be using something like Todo, Ryo, Balrog. If this is the case, more power to ya, but shotos do not by any means deserve the trash people take them for. If they really do, then we should also start talking trash about Terry, and Kyo, and all the other main characters that people have something against for no legitimate reason whatsoever.

Why do people hate shotos so much anyways? I can relate to how you’d dislike how a large percentage of mall scrubs use them, but think about that for more than 2 seconds and it makes so much sense you should be idiocized. Logic should tell you mall scrubs play shotos for nostalgic reasons. That’s that, and that’s all there is to it. Hell, that’s why I decided to stick to Ken, because he’s a damn pimp and I’ve used him since SF1. If any day comes where I decide to replace Sagat with Ken, shoot me dead right there because I have officially come out of the closet and entered true fag-dom. So to sum it up, I’m a victim of nostalgia myself, and I will NEVER stop playing Ken unless he ends up changing to the point where he just isn’t Ken anymore. On another note, I hate Sagat, but that’s a long story in itself, and thusly, I only play as him if he’s selected randomly, if someone requests I play as him, or if I start feeling like I’m Ino or something.

Yeah, I know, who would’ve thought a huge ass reply would come from one line of bigotry. Hell I dunno why I’m even wasting my time because there’s a 97.2% (random number) chance that you won’t even give a damn and you’ll still think shotos are shit, and you’ll go back to playing your poverty Yamazaki and embrace the bigotry that becomes the avatar of humanity. Let’s just say I’m the oddball that’s always willing to try.


i have a weird team…


come to think of it. that’s a really weird team


Vega \ Cammy \ Chun - Too bad I am a newb. And I get owned repeatedly … I will learn … I must … Grr … Come to TTT I’ll own you.

TO THE SKIES! ( Team Name. :stuck_out_tongue: )


Damn lol i use sagat AND yama. But i also use ryu cuz he’s the freakin man. Always have and always will use him (except in mvc2). Thanks for insulting 2/3 of my team lol. Seriously though shotos are fine with me, anybody is fine with me. If you have some kind of problem with any characters maybe you’re just losing too much to them, otherwise deal with it. It does get kinda dull to face the same team over and over but those kinds of players shouldn’t even be a problem for most of us.

Also, cheapness is only cheap if you can’t deal with it. That goes for everybody. Think about it. Calling any characters cheap is admitting you can’t deal with them. So i just say bring it on to whatever, every challenge/character/cheap shot/herbie player is welcome. My job is not to criticize, it’s to wipe the floor with you.


Yeah, I insulted Sagat, because he’s just some shoto wanna-be who can’t handle the fact that Ryu’s superior. I insulted Yamazaki because, well, just look at him! Dhalsim and Dan are both much much MUCH higher in class than those two IMO. You’ll notice I never said anything about those characters being cheap. Maki can be cheap, I use her. Sagat isn’t really cheap, just abused like a street whore. I hate Sagat for reasons aside from his being top-tier. But Yamazaki, he’s just… whacked. Yama isn’t really cheap or anything either, he requires a lot of skill to play, and I don’t really ever recall getting cheaped to death by a Yama. Besides, My homey Ken has all the tools to beat Yama, as does anybody. I really don’t believe any character requires being cheap. As one thing I like about CvS2 it’s the fact that there’s a way out of any situation, and getting out of being “cheaped” is generally just a matter of good decision making. So I don’t really consider any characters to be cheap.

I think I said some of the wrong things, because I don’t really have a problem with Yama, I just think he’s completely off his rocker, and I needed some material to throw back in the anti-shoto faces. I’m also trying to rehab my thoughts on Sagat, so bear with me.