Is it just me, or do different color buttons differ by more than just color?

So I own a stick with all black/grey Sanwa buttons, and they are the best buttons I’ve ever used

But I also own a stick with yellow Sanwa buttons, and they seemed to be shaped ever so slightly different than the black ones, and when you push them they feel ‘squishier’ (don’t really know how else to describe it)

Keep in mind I noticed this while both sets were brand new, but they’ve maintained their difference after months of use as well

I ask because I’m going to mod another stick, and if there are indeed differences, then I will have to order more of the superior black buttons

Surely I’m not crazy, right? Anyone else notice this?

Is there a difference in feel from Screw in([OBSN-30) and snap in (OBSF-30) buttons?

I’ve never tried the snap in versions, that could be the difference in feeling?

There is with the seimitsu buttons atleast a height differences between the two But I don’t think theres anything with the sanwas.

I should mention that they are both of the snap-in variety, so that isn’t causing the difference in this case

Well, I have new sanwa buttons that are screw in, but I have snap ins that are more worn in on another stick. I’d have to agree with your statement about the other ones feeling more spongy, but I have no idea if that has anything to do with the screw ins, since you said both of yours are snap ins. Maybe I’m just imagining things, or maybe its just because my other ones are worn in. Either way they both feel great.

Regardless, I’m using those black buttons on my new stick, and I’ll be sure to update the thread if I feel a difference.

You’re definitely not crazy about the yellow buttons and I’m glad you opened the thread. :smiley:

Years ago I’ve done a group order at Himuragames and everything was perfect, aside from the yellow screw-in buttons. They were all right per se, but definitely not looking like regular Sanwa ones. Their body was taller - in fact the same height as Seimitsu Screw-in buttons, not Sanwa. Also, the plunger was more flat and the gap between the plunger and the body was wider, making the button feel a bit more shaky when pressed and not having that genuine great sanwa feel on the fingers. Furthermore, when I wanted to exchange the plunger for one of a different color to get a two-colored button, I’ve found it impossible, as the switch in the yellow buttons is rotated for 90, not allowing plungers to be replaced by those from other buttons.
At the time, I was sure the buttons have been some mismatch and just not original sanwa buttons, but as I’ve ordered just a few, I didn’t care too much. But when I recently ordered yellow buttons again from an european reseller, I got the same damn imperfect yellow buttons. Now I’m not even sure Sanwa has ever had regular yellow screw-in buttons besides these strange seimitsu-hybreeds, which I like less then regular ones because of more flat plunger, a more shaky feeling, bigger height and incompatibilty for swapping button parts for color combinations. Ever since getting them the second time, I’m afraid to order a whole set of yellow screw-in sanwa buttons in fear of getting those again.

Now about the difference of feel between buttons with identical structure but different color, I wouldn’t really know. I’ve always somehow felt like white screw-in’s being a bit nicer on the touch, than say, red - almost like they’re made of different, “softer” material. But that may very well be just my imagination.

On the other hand, sanwa screw-ins and snap-ins definitely make different sounds when pushed. I wouldn’t know about sensitivity, and also, looking at the structure, there really shouldn’t be any difference when the same switch is used, but snap-ins really do feel a bit better and less shaky to me. Maybe just because of the sound, maybe because of the snap-in element offering additional guiding to the plunger (altough I’m not even sure the snapped-in part can touch the plunger).

ive got two hraps, one with black/grey and the other with green, and they feel the same to me.

this thread is absolutely worthless with out pictures.

I also request pictures of the internal microswitches and the empty button.

Absolutely fascinating otherwise.

I have noticed this as well. The yellow buttons I have are not quite the same as the other sanwas. I can’t really feel a difference between the two myself. Here is a picture I snapped to complete the thread.

All the differences Kekken3 pointed out are visible here. I should also note that the yellow button has the word “sanwa” on the switch but not on the body while the orange button has it on both. If there is any reason to be had, I’m sure Per would know.

Is it just me or does that picture :u: look spooky?

Probably the only genuine Sanwa part of those buttons are the microswitch or those are an ancient model hidden away in a warehouse somewhere… What about the nut you got with the button, do they differ in shape or color? As I recall Sanwa’s nuts used to be a different color (light blue?) a couple years ago. Also have vague memories of RiverService selling such bastardized “Sanwa” buttons…

Thank you for the pic, BigPockets.

The nut that came with it was not the larger, orange one, but a the yellow thinner one, identical to the ones one gets with seimitsu screw-ins.

I got mine from Himura back in the day. They also came with the yellow seimitsu nut…and some tasty chocolate Koala Snacks.

Big Pockets

Where did you order these OBSN-30s?
The yellow is a knock-off I think, I know people who ordered from RiverService J and got knock offs like these.

Edit: Both came from Himura?
Edit2: Where is Himura?

that’s a mystery.

A friend of mine living in Japan sent me yellow OBSFs bought in G-Front or Mak, don’t remember, and they also had weirds touch feeling, really different from the green ones I previously had.
Back in days I thought that it was just an isolated default, but now …

Does Sanwa have different manufactuers? Could it be similar to Happ and their shitty reputation with quality?

nah, I just think Sanwa hates yellow buttons.

Yep, Kekken3 and I both got some of those yellows from Himuragames. The orange buttons in the pic were also from Himura. Where is Himura? I don’t know.
If they are knock-offs then they are pretty good knock-offs.

Maybe they tried making knockoffs of Hori’s knockoffs! :looney: