Is it just me or do Gens special moves not work?

I have no idea why, but whenever I try to do Gen’s Jyasen or Oga, nothing happens at all. I’ve tried it in training mode and challenge mode, but nothing has happened at all. Are these moves somehow different from regular charging moves? I can do charge moves for other characters, but the game seems to be unable to register these moves. Am I the only one with this problem?

Probably, since Gen players don’t have a problem with this. Are you in the right stance? If so, then your problems are best taken to the Gen forums, where you can better advice on your problem.

I’d assume you are in the wrong stance. Gen can change stance by pressing PPP or KKK and has different movesets depending on which stance he is in.

Are you in the right stance for the moves? Make sure you are.

Edit-- lol outsponds

Oops, my bad, it was the stance, I suppose the game mentioned it somewhere and I didn’t notice it. Or it didn’t mention it at all. Anyhow, thanks.