Is it just me or does Cannon Busters #1 remind anyone else of

Final Fantasy 9?! I know they’re different but so far they share SOOOO many similarities.

  1. both start with a party at the castle.

  2. Prince/princess wants to leave the kingdom

  3. There’s an artificial being that will undoubtedly discover it’s own identity.

  4. The captain of the gaurd is some big (ugly) knight in shining armor.

  5. Heck his name is O’din (like Odin the famous FF summon)

  6. Pirates attack by airship and ruin the festivel.

  7. there are even multiple kingdoms (was there 3 or more?) set up in this world like Brumecia, Alexandria and that place that Cid ruled.

So i wonder if Mr. Thomas is a fan of or drew inspiration from FF9?

What do you think … ?

Not that its a bad thing but it also reminded me of FF9. It also reminded me of Wild ARMS with the kids balloon floating away and trouble coming from the sky, destroying most of the kindom and stuff along those lines.

So yeah CB seems to be influenced by RPG’s, which I approve of.


… i’m not saying it’s a bad thing. but i just made this kinda observation. …

Too true about Wild Arms … and for some reason the cover i got (the panoramic picture) there’s that guy with the gun that reminds me of one of the band members of Gorillaz.

Gorillaz meet FF9 and steal Rudy’s balloon.

Well let’s not forget that FF games as a whole have ripped a lot of things from Lord of the Rings and the gods that it uses for summons exisited well befor that. Especialy the way they basterdized Shiva. Some people were not happy about that.

I think it is cool that they are basing it close to that, because there are so many cool RPGs that we’d never see as comics here.

I just wish Rey was doing the art inside instead.

Good call, Gamer! here are some other ideas to latch onto/ my thoughts inspirations from other films/media in addition to your observations:

  1. so does Lord of the Rings and the classic, Chrono Trigger :slight_smile:

2.thats a classic emotional plot device for all heirs of royalty in real life and in fictional stories:) :no life outside of their responsibilites/ a longing to just “get away” , ie; Princess Jasmine in “Alladin”

  1. Battle Angel, A.I.

4.Conan the destroyer( Wilt Chamberlan as the big, black, oversized captain of the guard/protector of the princess)

  1. O’Din, is TOTALLY inspired by the Summons of FF!!!

  2. Skies of Arcadia, Sky Gunners, Zone of Enders2, Chrono trigger (party poopers) (dont forget the Wizard of OZ, which is the inspiration to the overall spine of the story: girl gets lost, tries to finde her way back home, encounters 3 others who also wish to get where she’s headed and agree to help her for different reasons).

  3. haha, yup, but also, remember there were thousands of kingdoms thats existed within japanese/eauropean time periods at once. i’ve borrowed from concepts of history, multimedia and ideas of my own and skewed them to fit this one concept of a world. if you see an influence from something, chances are you’re right! some are vague, others are straight-up homages, paying tribute/respects to the stuff thats inspired/entertained me and sparked my imagination as a child.

Cannon Busters, is my “geek-out” to all the RPGS i’ve played on a console. from the very first that inspired me, Sega Master Sytsem’s “Phantasy Star” all the way to Square Soft’s Final Fantasy 3 and on…Cannon Busters, like the Street Fighter and Darkstalker comics, is drawn from videogames mainly aside from other media. there are a LOT of references in this series, anime, hip hop, videogames, some pop and heavy film.

there’s a slew of other concepts that you’ll soon see in upcoming issues that are inspired and turned on its head. To even compare my creaion to some of my favorite and the industry’s classic RPGs is a compliment. thanks for the interest y’all!


P.S. to my knowledge, rey has an RPG concept, so those thirsting for “Rey-PGs” (copywritten! dont steal that term, corey!,lol) will someday get their fix! thanks anyways. i’m hoping those willing to stick around will be pleasanty surprised with what i have lined up, issue#1 is just a jump off. much more is in store!

It’s just you. THose are all really common plot elements. That have been used time anda again.

too true. they are only original in approach, the story elements are timeless…

Not when theyre all in the same comic.

FF didn’t really steal stuff directly from LotR, it did it by proxy via western RPGs like Ultima, which got it from older text-based adventure games, who got it from D&D.

so you’re saying that because they are all in the same comic, the timeless story elements lose their appeal?

what do you mean TS?

All’s I know is that LeSean is a cool kat and didn’t cop a tude when I asked him for his opinion about my foray into the fashion industry.

Like I said, when I get the chance to go to my local comic shop I will pick up a copy of Cannon Busters. ( that is if any are even left )


i try to be honest online. its too easy for fakes to be the assholes online that they dont have the balls to be in person. I think Cannon Busters will be compared to a lot of things because its inspired by a lot of things. not to steal or claim originality, but to pay homage.

thanks for the interest!

I copped my copy today. I forgot how Udon has LOTS of ads at the end of every comic. I was, oh shit, this is some extra sized shiznit,then it just ended out of nowhere.

Oh well, that was a set up issue anyway. Here’s hoping the big ass knight man fucks some big robot bastards up next issue.

And on the topic of my T-Shirt designs, I made a Mugen one too. I figured since you liked Samurai Champloo, that might appeal to ya more than Kakashi. I need to get a digital tablet though. But this has nothing to do with Cannon Busters. :xeye: