Is it just me or is Cody another one of Bison's bad matchups?

The matchup thread doesn’t have a lot of useful information against Cody (it basically details all the things you can’t do, which is a lot, which is only so helpful), so thought I’d ask the community for advice. First is this 4-6 3.5 - 6.5 situation? Not a beginner so high level advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

As a casual Cody user, imma guile main. Cody bison feels around even to me. Bison just has so many wakeup options Cody gets flustered. If bison plays a more footsie or heavy rushdown Cody doesn’t have too many options. His footsies aren’t that good and he gets raped on wakeup. But in short. The matchup feels even enough to me

It’s even for now. 2012 update probably gonna shift to slightly in Cody favor if things remain as is for what little Bison is getting.

if you play cody as more heavy tic throw/wake up, safe range, he is pretty easy to deal if he have very little chance to get in.
cody have very bad wake up I think is like top 10 WORST wake up in the gamebut his normal anti air are very good, and his combo are HURT like you get hit by tank.

so back to basic, defensive/punish/read/anti air/keep positioning is 70%, wake up/attack block string/throw mix up/gimmick mix up are 30%
happy medicine are so good at positioning and anti air…for that example I think good cody can play happy medicine and get nail in mid screen,
he can’t jump because the range and spacing was good, and against his “NO MISTAKE” anti air…those turtle and good mobile style give
cody a lot of trouble.

but if you like rush, watch out his damage and frame trap, your slightest flinch will open for counter, once cody stay at your face for that long,
you either get stun or dead like 30ish sec, that is how high his damage out put is if your guess wrong like 3 or 4 key moment choice, mostly frame trap and
punish your limbs by any lv 2 focus.

I hate this matchup, always thought this is pretty bad for Bison, never been able to beat a somewhat decent Cody in a longer set. For me it feels really hard to approach him, it’s hard to maintain pressure and once he is in I’m rarely able to escape (he is pretty good at punishing Bison’s reversal options). If my defense wouldn’t be so bad (I’m horrible at blocking/teching throws) and I would now when to use s.HK as an AA properly I’d probably do much better in this matchup though.


There is a set of casuals from the Canada cup about twenty minutes long of Neurosis vs Momochi. Interestingly, Neuorosis uses close st.fierce effectively a few times to stop Cody jumping in up close. I think Momochi just won more matches but they were pretty good.

I tried looking for it there but I actually think it’s been made private/removed which is a shame because it was really good.

Yeah, I had the same set saved in some playlist but when i tried to rewatch it today it said private :frowning:

You are right, Neurosis definately did a good job stopping Cody’s jumps in this set, both with s.HP up close and also s.HK from far away, something I’m not able to do. I just don’t see when I am allowed to AA him and when not. Cody’s damage output is so high that you can’t really afford to let him get CHs on your s.HK.

Neurosis was also able to jump in on Cody sometimes with j.HP. At first I wondered why Momochi didn’t AA with b+MP and just blocked, but later on he actually tried b+MP and Neurosis managed to beat it with j.HP. I’m never able to jump on good Cody players, definately should work on finding that correct spot to use j.HP.

I find that Neurosis does the j.HP really deep so players won’t risk trying to AA in fear of eating potential 300 damage off a CH jump-in. It’s a pretty difficult normal for people to AA.

Cody’s new 3f c.Lk shook up the match. I think it’s still pretty even but it’s easier to lose a life lead fast in the heat of moment.

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Absolutely destroyed a guy playing a decent Ryu who was his main. Clearly a better player than this guy, then he switches to Cody, and shuts down everything, and becomes a lot tougher. Next round he fights a gouken with Cody and gets decimated. God damned matchups…

Playing a set against a cody as i write this. Bupkus to anyone that says this is 5-5. There’s no way. This matchup is definitely in Cody’s favor. His anti-air, block strings, and combo damage are ridiculous.

Personally for me the fight boils down to recognizing Cody’s frame traps and pressing buttons only when you have a chance to hit him. This of course is harder to do correctly online and Bison’s trade-tastic AA is not helpful.

Then again online and in lag Blanka is god tier lol.

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Cody is a bad matchup for a lot of characters. You shouldn’t be surprised.

A lot of the match is momentum based. Whoever knocks the other person down is at heavy advantage. Don’t get knocked down. He can punish your reversal attempts, and you can punish his. is useful against most of his normals except his, which he can’t hitconfirm off of. It will beat his slide, which will stuff a lot of your moves, including EX psycho.

Also if you throw him, Cody’s hitbox is fairly wide, so it’s easier than usual to hit cross up jump fierce on him. Once you learn how to do that consistently, your throws become much more dangerous because it is super ambiguous.

I think c.LK xx LP CU is pretty safe on block, no?

They would have to hit confirm into c.LK off something bigger like a medium or heavy attack. xx lp CU is pretty safe on block at a far distance, but it’s also not a true blockstring. So if he’s trying to beat your, he just has to go for it.

Guess the real question is if Bison can actually do anything before the cu comes out. Cause if he can’t it may as well be a true blockstring.

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Compared to Ryu, a walk in the fuckin park.

As a cody main this is huge in my footsie game:
Cody’s OS mk Ruffian

It is also possible to do it on reaction, but im not very good at it and dont like to risk the punish accidently throwing it out