Is it just me?


Or does 3S lately seem to be filled with rage quitters and uninformed shit talkers. People rage quit left and right and I’ve been receiving a lot more than usual Chun hate mail. Stuff that doesn’t even make stuff. “I didn’t know Chun players were such cowers” “blah blah blah turtle”. Seems like 3S has had fairly good online etiquette until as of late.


Its been there for a while. It may be a generalization but a lot of people came into the game with the idea that they’ll body everyone, which is great imo. Dont take it to heart, it just means 2 things…

  1. The person cares for the game and his/her skill level.
  2. You bodied them :lol:


^^^I came into the game with the notation that I suck at it. I’m the 4th best chun on the leaderboards right now and I still feel like I suck at the game. lol can’t imagine what would make somebody new come into this and think it will be a cakewalk. :confused: oh well.


play Chun more aggressive, that’ll piss em off even more.

anyways I say screw online, if you have the chance I would look for somewhere to play offline.

Doesnt even have to be a cab, but that of course would be the best.


I almost never see Chuns online. ranked on 360 is an endless sea of shotos with occasional Alex/Hugo/Dudley/Urien’s. very occasionally I see someone whacky like Ibuki or Necro. anyway if you’re playing online it seems like there’s a lot better stuff to get upset about than running into a Chun once an hour!


Not enough Chuns, this is why so many people get bodied by Chuns. No practice put in the matchup at all, people are too up their own asses with the tier BS.


I don’t need to play Chun because nobody ever bans Gill in lobbies :smiley:


sometimes in oe i’ll only play chun for a day just so people can experience it. these players aren’t going to get legitimately better until they understand how to handle chun. unless you’re makoto, beating chun is one of those things that you can’t really bs your way out of. it’s a rite of passage if you want to play this game.


How does mak bs her way through chun? Seriously I got my pen and paper ready just let me know how.


the same way she does with everyone else…?


Chun vs. Makoto? Still Chun’s favor, but if it’s one of those rookie Chuns you find online, it’s easy to smell the pattern. They throw limbs a lot when they don’t have meter. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen a s.fierce immediately after a blocked cr.forward, as if they want me to jump or something. Read the pattern and punish accordingly. Alternately, you can stand out of whatever poke range you think they’re using, bait the poke, and then dash in and karakusa into shenanigans.

Honestly, I prefer Yun against Chun… but I’m a scrub.


While we’re talking Chun stuff, why is Chun vs Elena supposed to be so much in Chun’s favor? I’ve played that matchup on both sides online and with local buddies, it doesn’t seem horrible for Elena.


I think the reason is because the only real way that Elena can get in on Chun is if Chun makes a stupid mistake like blocking low on an overhead or eating an uppercut from doing something she shouldn’t. …that and the occasional wakeup super. At least in my experience that seems to be the case.

Personally I hate the Makoto matchup. It’s deff winnable most of the time but certainly not fun to play. Some of her shenanigans I fall for are going for a grab on wakeup when they were baiting it so they can jump and hit me with that stupid kick every Makoto player spams, and block high when I expect a chop and getting hit by a low hand sweep instead. Another thing I hate about the matchup is that I’m typically short on meter because when I get grabbed I spam EX legs in case they wiff the combo or go for a reset.

I also noticed the lack of Chun players. I often thought that people were just more talented than me and picked Ken or Yun when they mained Chun to simply avoid a Chun vs Chun matchup. Glad that’s not the case. However I do notice that there are very few high level Chuns. I think kefkaggpo is the best I’ve faced off against.

EDIT: XBLA = APPLE 01 DOJ if any of you want to play me. :slight_smile:


If you can’t Kara-throw and do her HK/Throw Option Select and Super Jump Cancel her bHP into SA2 when they jump in then Chun becomes less of a threat. Scrubs can’t figure that out so they just mash and study the Daigo video and copy Justin.

The most scrub-friendly characters online are easily: Ken, Akuma, Urien, Yang, Yun, and Makoto.


Wait… you can’t super jump cancel her b.fierce. Her close s.roundhouse, though, you can.


I can do all that, I even back fierce into SBK frequently and buffer lightning legs… however what I can’t do ONLINE is low mk hit confirm into super. I’ve pretty much given up poken with it with the intention to hit confirm. Every time I get the hit and input super, BAM rollback says they were blocking.


dude, you have the absolute worst internet connection of anyone ive ever played. its like your on mars.

What's the % breakdown for how good people are at this game?

I shot you a friend request, would be down to play next time we’re both on. I’ve got a pretty bad connection with most people though, and if you also do, there might not be much hope. Unless you live in Alaska or western Canada, in which case we’ll probably do great!

I play mostly Elena but dabble in a pretty awful Ibuki as well. Dabble might actually be too kind of a description. I’m interested in playing against some Chun action, because yeah up to this point I haven’t run into many scary Chuns in ranked. I assume it should be a tough matchup but I haven’t experienced that yet and none of my local friends really play her much either.


that guy DumbAsians4Sale on psn is a good chun…


Where I live it’s the best possible internet. …problem is I live in the Sierra Nevada mountains so if you’re not in California or Nevada it’s usually pretty bad. I can’t even count the times I’ve lost a match because I thought it was safe and rollback decides I should be eating a super instead.