Is it just me?!?

Ahoy hoy everyone! So for the first time ever I modded a stick. I have a PS4/3 TE2 and i recently received my custom artwork and plexi. I installed it, and came across an issue which leads me to my question:

Is it just me or are the default Sanwa buttons in the TE2 very flimsy? So the buttons have tabs on the side which you press in to take the button out of the assembly, but they have absolutely no retention at all. In order to get the tabs to pop back out, i had to open up each button and depress them from the inside (breaking one in the process). Being as this is my first and baby step experience into stick modding, I’m not aware if this is a known issue. Is it? I just ordered a full set of Sanwa 30mm clears from and will be swapping all my face buttons when they arrive. Will these new buttons have the same issue?


the tabs broke off every single button of my rivals te2. changing the art. I’m convinced they are somehow a cheaper made button.

I had this problem with my Persona TE2. I think it’s just poor installation at the factories or something. Of course, for me it wasn’t much of an issue since I eventually replaced the Sanwas with GamerFingers, but if you really like those Sanwas, you could try contacting MadCatz via a support ticket.

Out of my 6-7 Mad Catz sticks 50% of the tabs break and don’t even need to push hard to get them out, I think they install them with a hammer or something. It’s mainly the Dark Hai buttons, the white ones that came with my TE1 are still fine after installing and uninstalling 20 times, loose but tabs still intact.
Just get Seimitsu screw-ins if you want clear buttons, unless you really prefer Sanwa

Sanwa really needs to get on that Clear Screw-in train IMO.

I heard that. I just picked up 8 clear seimitsu screw ins, tho I had never felt them before, so figured I’d take a leap of faith. I wish I hadn’t wasted the money. really not liking the feel of them. does sanwa even make solid black screw ins? couldn’t find those either. :confused:

IIRC, Sanwa Screw ins come in white, orange, yellow, blue, green and red and pink.

Not everyone the same, yes Seimitsu screw ins feel nothing like Sanwa buttons. Seimitsu screw ins take a tab bit more force to press but not that much.
Somewhere on the forums I did a experiment with using US 5cent nickles as a known weight value of approx 5 grams and I stack nickles on top of a arcade button to see how much force it takes to depress.
Actual precision weights would of been more ideal but I was literately working with a budget that amounts to the loose change bowl in my bed room.
So yes Seimitsu buttons, especially the larger switch screw-ins are stiffer, but I been using Seimitsu buttons for so long that Sanwa buttons feel too light to me.

To be fair to Mad Catz, I broken the older (pre-kuro) knock off buttons and Sanwa buttons on various Hori sticks.

I think the Sanwa buttons with broken tabs is more of a flaw in the design rather than an issue with the TE 2. I Also broken the tabs on the clone buttons that came with the Mad Catz SE and Qanba sticks that comes with their own buttons. The Chrome Qanba buttons are really fragile.

I submitted a support ticket. Fingers crossed :smiley:

Mine all broke when I modded mine

The key is to squeeze lightly and evenly. It’s not a madcatz TE2 specific issue.

Ive modded 3 TE2’s and none of them broke, although i have had them break when working on other sticks though. Its not really a problem with the model of stick as it is an issue with the design of the button. And dont get me started on their brittle translucent buttons…

Just gotta be careful and gentle is all ot takes.

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