Is it me or do DeeJay's moves have some of the lowest priorities?



I mained DJ since super came out and i swear, every move i do gets beat. my specials get beat by lk’s and lp’s. it’s so retarded. i still win though but i get so mad when my moves get beat by dumb baby moves. lol. what does anyone else think?


It’s you.

Try c.MK/s.MP against jabs and save specials besides fireball and up kicks for combos and guaranteed punishment.


his specials have generally poor priority (EX dread kick holy shit)

however he has some normals that have INSANE priority (c.hp and his short hop)


sometimes i mess up but i generally don’t think it’s me. but if it’s not dj then i think it’s online lag because i swear i can do an attack before, at the same time, or after and it gets completely shitted on, not even a trade against a normal attack. all i know is his jumping lp has a great priority and stops practically anything.


yeah i stopped using his ex attacks because i pretty much wasted them, i only do them in combos now. i know his jumping lp is pretty great at beating other attacks though.


The thing about beat’em ups is: 70% of a character’s repertoire sees little to no use.

Don’t be sad about that. Just focus on using those key normals that do work. And remember: there’s no such thing a “priority”. There’s no hierarchy. It’s only situational.
Dictator’s S.HK is amazing. It doesn’t have any “priority”. There’s no such shit. It’s quick, has awesome range, hurts like hell, but it hits high. It’s crouchable, and punishable. Any destroys that poke for example.

That video on the homepage that I just saw, of a Juri stopping tiger shots with standing short is also retarded. Of course it stops them. Special moves have startup frames. Those startup frames are slower than most normals. Unless the move has strike invencibility, then it can be stuffed. It just can’t be done on reaction. You can punish certain whiffs on reaction. You can’t stuff moves on reaction. You can predict them, and stuff them. Stuffing on reaction = cpu-like quality (the only thing the computer actually has going for them).

Find out which of deejay’s normals have faster startup, decent hitboxes, and give you good frame advantage, or at least are safe on block (-1 at non-SPD distance or vs a character with no such punish, or 0 at SPD distance).
Then use them.

Example: Guile’s s.HP. His backfist sucks, since it’s slow, and it whiffs on crouching opponents (and it’s totally punishable). Good for post-sb hits, worseless otherwise.
His s.HP however, is awesome. Quick, hits crouching, and has massive range. You can throw it out right after c.lp xx s.lp, and it works wonders as a frame trap.

Find a similar thing for deejay.


well i just find moves have this sort of “priority” if you don’ use the term no biggie, but i just hate the fact that a move can be beaten by other moves no matter how i time it. but i mean it’s not as big as a problem as it was when i first started using deejay. i just wanted to see if anyone had any really solid tips


lk Sobat is your friend.
Ex Sobat goes right through fireballs at the start
jumping lk is the new jumping lp.


Yeah, poor ol Dee got kinda shafted in this one, which sucks cause he’s hands down my favorite in the line up since the old days of Super Turbo.

However I’ve noticed some pretty useful quirks:
c.HK (slide) punishes, I won’t say ALL, but MOST hurricane kicks regardless what frame the spinning kick is currently on. That leg he sticks into the air as he slides is useful for other things too. However, if done too early as a punishment for fireballs, that leg will get hit.

c.HP may actually be his highest priority normal. It can tease the opponent into standing as it appears to be an overhead but isn’t. This lets some folks believe that you’re leaving, just for a sec, your comfort zone of a charged d/b state.

However, Dee Jay’s lack of any useful overhead is painfully obvious.


Almost every character should have an overhead. I don’t understand where they decide that some don’t need it. Special or normal, and I’m pretty sure almost all your top tier characters have some sort of special/normal overhead. All characters should be able to give the enemy a reason to stop holding down back the entire match. I play Cammy too and it’s just annoying people just holding down back the entire match.


Yeah. I’ve spent hours in Training mode looking and I can not find even ONE overhead for poor Dee.

To be fair, friend, I have to ask:
How exactly does one play a charge character like Dee Jay and NOT spend at least a majority of time in matches holding down and back?
Let’s broaden that a bit, shall we?
How does one use a charge character who doesn’t hold down and back, and yet pull off specials, supers, or ultras on demand?


Charge them during blockstrings or jumpins.

I agree that MORE characters should have OH’s, but not most. I like variety in offensive style.


I’m inclined to agree for the most part if Dee had more solid normals (he’s got like… 4-5 tops) to fall back on, thus reducing the need to rely on always being charged.


yeah but look at your ridiculus insta air cannon spike pressure is, especially when you thorw a throw in there, then they start os, then that leads to big damage. I think someone didnt know how to play cammy.


its not that his moves have poor priority, but the fact that theyre slow have bad range and crappy hitboxes lol



You hit on the exact reason why I use Guile over Dee Jay.


I’ve learned never to get into a footsies match with Guile for this reason.


It’s not much different than blanka. Only works when people don’t know how to defend against it. People that just take it sure, but it’s nothing but risk risk risk with little reward. If people are good at blocking and throw teching it’s really not as scary as it seems.


I hate to admit it, but you’re both right here.
I prefer Dee to Guile mostly because I abused the hell out of Guile in MvC2.
That and Dee has a few more specials and appeals mainly to my gameplay as I can cr.HK to close distance and maintain my charge against cammys and blankas.

But Guile just has so much more… how to say… much more BAMF! in his normals than Dee does. Again, I’d think the two fairly balanced if Dee had an overhead though.


Dee Jay’s normals excel in the air.

Jumping LP, Neutral jump LK, Neutral jump MP, Jumping MK (cross-up), and his jumping Fierce/RH are both great too.

But yeah on the ground he is less than stellar.