Is it me or has Chun Li been a rather underdeveloped character?

In the Street Fighter issues, Chun Li hasn’t won any of her fights without something happening:

  • vs. “Killler Bee” - The only thing that Chun Li did to her was throw her. Cammy got in more hits and completed the mission which was to capture Chun Li’s father.
  • vs. “Shadow” - Chun Li keeps attacking him yet Charlie was unfazed. With one attack, Chun Li is almost immediately defeated.
  • vs. M.Bison - Both she and Guile would have perished if not for Charlie
  • vs. Cammy - Cammy was giving her a beating until she was inspired by her father’s picture. And Cammy gave up after hearing “Killer Bee”
  • vs. The Chinese fighters - If not for Yun and Yang, she would have lost

In her own mini series, I’ve learnt more about other characters such as Dan, Gen and even Po Lin in one issue, yet I learnt almost nothing about Chun Li that I could have in the Street Fighter issues.

From what I’ve seen in the SF comics, certain characters would have a lack of a story but are strong fighters whereas others are not good fighters but their story is well covered. However, Chun Li seems to have both of those characteristics in that she does not seem to be strong and little character development.

What do you think?

She defeated Birdie in the Summer Special issue.

I’ve talked about this before, but I do agree with everything you said. In terms of fighting ability, she’s definitiley had the worst showings for someone who’s supposed to be the strongest woman in the world. I don’t expect her to win all of her fights, but she’s getting her ass kicked too much and coming off badly. I’m also greatly disappointed in her mini. She’s nothing more than a guest star in her own series imo.

They like Cammy, not Chunners. Simple as that. Hell, they like Cammy over everybody.

There’s still time for her to shine in Turbo. I think we’ve seen enough Ken and Ryu. And Cammy has had a few good fights already. So there’s room to play I think. Maybe a good fight between her and DeeJay soon?

As for her story developing, I don’t think there’s too much more they can do at the moment. So far, Turbo has concentrated more on the tournament and action. (which i’m diggin) But it would be nice to see her working more with other characters and standing out a bit more. As well as give her some better action.

not underdeveloped… more so ignored… or slowly developing…

I’m leaning toward slowly developing and most of the op’s listed fights are understandable losses.

vs. “Killler Bee”: non WW teen chunners fights brain washed super spy gymnast. Her father being alive she is at best starting her SFA 1st match and far from her SF2 title of world’s strongest woman. note SFA KB > claw… SF2 chun > claw… but SFA KB > SFA Chun and this fight is more like a pre-sfa chun… she is expected to job.

vs. “Shadow”: regular charlie > (pre SF2) guile in most canon . psycho enhanced charlie (AKA Shadow), w/ doll brain wash, also nearly dropped guile in a single attack and hurt Bison/Vega with his lvl 3 Super… chun and guile are expected to job.

vs. “Bison”: this is comparable to the SFA ryu&ken vs Bison… aka dramatic battle. this Bison is also much stronger than Shadow. SFA is the golden age of pyscho pwr and this comic lifted from the epically popular SF2 anime and MvC series to do it. chun and guile are expect to job.

vs “cammy”: rematch of SFA chunli… now a WW. this was a show of character development through mental focus improving her combat prowess (not a pwr up)

vs “chinese fighters”: iirc these were two girls with weapons leading shadoloo’s china gangs. presumably inspired by two armed dolls. both are a little weaker than Killer Bee but then so is chunners here. the sf3 twins together make a better match even if they are not favored to win.

meh… her move set changes more than her driving sub plot anyway.