Is it me or is Marvel making transgendering look....'good'? (Spoiler warning!)

First it was Boobs Ultron (Which worked)
Then Boobs Loki (Which works on account that well Loki decide to be reborn a a sexy goddess)
Now recently in X-Men 214; Boobs Sinister.

So what’s next Boobs Paste P. Pete, Boobs Mangeto & Boobs Kraven? …OK wait they did that last one already XD.

Yeah, they did. Her name was Calypso.

It doesn’t really make that much of a difference to me, though. It’s Mahvel; they always do weird shit like this.

marvel was strange way before that, i aint mad at em for keepin things interesting tho

Every company has done the female version of heroes and villians before. Marvel is just getting noticed for it more recent because Cho wanted to draw a naked chick and Bendis figured why not call it Ultron.

But heck there was a female evil robot before that. Loki being a chick is new but as long as we don’t end up with a male version of a popular female villian (non come to mind that haven’t already got a male counterpart) it will be all good.

Also in all incarnations (except for the kid version in the upcoming Next Avengers animated movie) VIVA LA THOR GIRL!

Too late:wasted:
Some moron decided to draw his own version and man :shake:

*after just seeing the male version of emma frost * :sad:

haha. Rogue is just gambit with a streak. Some of those would be pretty cool with a little less ‘realism’ in the bulge. I guess i don’t complain at the Lady Death’s of comicopia so eff it.

im pretty sure that kid is a closet homosexual

Um, yea. That was very homo.

not even guy versions. just a guy wearing women clothing. :shake:

Now that Loki’s a chick is it gay to say you think he’s/she’s hot?

Wow didn’t know about the female Sinister

That what i said in the forum. However I was blasted for at least 7 pages. :rolleyes:

Edgar Frost was just TOOO far…some of them were cool…but come on now…

  • :bluu:

Nevermind just saw hermaphadite Loki. Eww