Is it me or is this game really that unbalanced

as I began to take 3rd strike more seriously I am beginning to notice that this game is really unbalanced. I like this game don’t get me wrong. but I notice that I lose to many people that are not as good at this game. I play Hugo, now I am no the best Hugo out there but I would say I am pretty good. my issue is that when I play against some characters like Ken,chun,Yun,Ryu Akuma I find myself losing to players way under my skill. and I wonder if it’s because of tiers that I lose? does anyone else experience this?

The game is not unbalanced. Chun Li may be a little op and Ken is the best, but those factors don’t make the game unbalanced. Not even close.

Play THD if you want the most balanced SF experience to date.

Then (hate to bring it to you this way, seriously no hate) you probably arent “that” good of a Hugo player, honestly. Do your homework on those match-ups, if you still feel its impossible, drop Hugo and find someone else.


yeah you guys are right I guess, I am just a scrub and 3s is a perfectly balanced game. sorry for the topic is was a joke of me to ever have a thought like this.

It’s balanced but Chun throws a wrench in the works.

Unless you’re playing against Rikimaru’s Chun Li or Yakkun’s Yun you really don’t have an excuse for losing other than your skill regardless. Hayao used to go to tournaments in other countries against their best players using high tiers and win the whole tournament with Hugo (with Necro placing second). Just step your shit up.

Hugo is basically mid tier last I heard now any way.

no one here is trying to attack you personally, but consider the fact that this game is about 13 years old and people are tired of seeing livejournal posts about stuff like balance

It is unbalanced, accepting that is unbalanced doesn’t mean that the game is not fun or that is garbage, the 3s players should stop pretending that the game doesn’t have problems on the balance department.

To the OP, yes the game is unbalanced, but i can’t really say that you lose only because of that 99% of the time when someone goes in a rant about how they lose against someone below their skill, is his ego talking, unable to accept that they are not as good as they think

Yeah, bro. The Lakers sent a lot of their players and they won the Olympics. If you’re not goog at the game you’re not going to win.

but seriously, the game isn’t unbalanced it’s just become something very different over the 3 iterations. Chun Li shits on everything in 3s, though. Like, even if you came up with some magical non stop shit with Yun, she will still fuck your shit up at day one.

no don’t get me wrong, when I lose to good players I admit a good loss. I don’t have to much of a ego. I know where I am at in skill with 3s. hell I can name many Great 3s players than hand me a good ass whooping! players that do some insane shit that shock the hell out of me! hell Ill never forget the Q that parried all of my moves! every single one… but never the less I do feel that I lose because of tiers sometimes

3s as a whole is not unbalanced. 3s has characters that are unbalanced. Only the greatest of the greats can over come this with skill and dedication.

Chun is truly a monster… but all it takes is like 2 or 3 wrong guesses from a character like Makoto and she(or anybody) is dead… but Makoto isn’t universally hated and looked at as reason why the game is terrible or unbalanced.

It just makes the game appear that way when you see a general 3s tourney have Justin, Ricky, etc… all using Chun. But if we were to have a BEST Chun’s in the world vs The Gods with every other character i.e Kuroda, Boss, Haitani etc. I’m almost certain the gods would win

Makoto doesn’t have moves that shut down 99% of what you do and aren’t totally safe on block.

makoto’s command grab shut everything down that Hugo does. let alone sometimes crouching jap might beat it but everything else makoto wins. like I said I love 3s parrying 70% of someone’s moves is the greatest feeling in the world and I get a rush out it every time. I love 3s but I do agree that when it comes to characters matchups there is a huge gap between good and bad

Pretty much every fighter is unbalanced to a degree, and of course 3S isn’t an exception to that either. But you can’t tell me that it’s not one of the more balanced SF’s out there.

I just don’t feel it’s so unbalanced to the extent as to where choosing someone will horrendously handicap you because of their low-tier-ness.

it is unbalanced. so are a lot of other good fighting games. if you are losing to Chun, the twins, and the shoto players with Hugo you are not a better player than them. post some footage of you losing to these characters and people from here can probably send you in the right direction to improving.

It’s very unbalanced. Chun herself is the biggest proof.
People don’t like to admit it but its clearly the very truth.
The game is still awesome, don’t get me wrong.
However you lose faith when losing to someone like Justin Wong.
Back to the point, It’s a hard mountain to climb when you’re a mid tier player
I can’t imagine how hard it will be for you since you’re a Hugo player.
Switch to a better character or pick up an alternate.
For only then will you do better against a weaker opponent.

3rd Strike is an awesome game but very unbalanced guys, you need to admit that, it’s the biggest and maybe only issue of the game.

Just look at characters like Chun-Li and Yun and others like Twelve and Q… huge gap, very huge.

Look at tournaments, what we see ? Chun-Li, Chun-Li, Chun-Li… Ken, Ken, Ken… Makoto, Makoto, Makoto… Yun, Yun, Yun… etc…

Before OE, i was ok for a rebalancing… not like all that fanboys fundamentalists…

I see a pretty good variety of characters in the Japanese footage posted every week

Justin Wong is a good player

if you guys wanna complain about something in 3s complain about going from down back to forward throw with charge characters makes your charge move come out. now THATS bullshit.

People aren’t being facetious when they say that. But why does everyone think this? Or they say Ken is next to Chun and Yun doesn’t exist!

Command Grab Q if he’s parrying all your Hugo moves.

Crouching jap beats everything. He’s a winner.

but there’s plenty of matchup help around here, so you don’t have to go it alone and try to fight some flowchart monsters that you don’t consider good or think everything is unbeatable without having the experience.