Is it me or is this game really that unbalanced

3rd Strike is inherently both unbalanced and balanced. You might ask, “WTF are you smoking?” but think of it this way.

The imbalances come from character design. It’s no joke that there are characters that dominate moreso than others and the chances of winning with these characters are far more in your favor as opposed to lesser characters; therein lies the imbalance.

However, the balance lies in the way the gameplay has developed. 3rd Strike requires the player to rely not just on “if A, then I should B”, but also a bit of creativity on the player’s part to overcome the inadequacies that a character may have. Case in point: the parry system (regarded as one of the five principles of 3rd Strike). The parry system allows the user the chance to reverse the situation at the risk of opening his guard. In this, the onus is placed moreso on the user to make the right decision as opposed to being truly reliant on a character’s inherent strengths and abilities. It’s like a bazooka going up against a pistol. Both have the potential to kill. A bazooka just has a better chance of doing it, but placed incorrectly, it’s ineffective.

Wickedbob truly is the anti IglooBob, I was meaning to ask you about that…

I always forget to mention Yun for some reason, you’re absolutely right.

But at the same time I feel like that’s the majority opinion because he’s a shoto, and shotos are pretty well-rounded characters in general in which don’t have as much of a steep learning curve in which a characters like Yun has.

It’s not imbalanced Chun Li, Yun and Ken are just better than everyone else

if you are playing a character where you have to be better than the other player by a large amount just to win, and you don’t feel comfortable with that, pick another character.

people who I can play well against, I can play well against them with most of the cast that I’ve invested time into. there are better risk/reward payouts for Chun and Ken and Makoto, but changing to Ryu or Alex or Elena doesn’t change the result of the match, only the flow.

on the flip side, people who are better than me it’s the same thing. I can pick Chun and Ken and Makoto, and they can pick whoever they want. they still beat me because they have better game understanding, better decision-making, or better reactions. Sandybags will beat me up all day regardless of who I pick.

from an “approaching the game” standpoint I don’t see any reason to be complaining about balance. it’s not getting updated, this isn’t SF4 where they nerf everything into oblivion until every character is boring as shit to play. so now your only goal as an incoming player is to get better and learn your hard matchups. Lose to Ken players all day? Invite the good ones to player matches, keep playing against them until you figure it out. Might not happen over night, I’m still losing to players like NoMoreFunland and Haoism every time I play them, but that’s the road of improvement. you try to get better every time you play and eventually be able to hang with the people who are better than you.

low tier players are cool. but the reason you play low tier should be because you legitimately like the character. enough to put up with the other guy having better options than you sometimes. if you’re going to play Hugo, play Hugo, but don’t complain when you lose to someone higher up on the tier list than you. everyone has a parry and big punishes, you can do something about it if you’re losing to a player who is worse than you.

he said “Twelve and Q” like anyone should be playing Twelve. evil twin maybe. fuck Twelve forever.

The game is not balanced but requires so much skill that you can overcome almost any opponent, with any character you choose, just by improving yourself quite enough.
This rule gets bent only when you run in the extreme matchups (which are not that many) when also facing a super top player who specializes in one of the best characters: even a godlike skill probably wouldn’t be enough to go confident into beating Nuki’s Chun Li with, say, Hugo, in a first to 10 match. Some characters have indeed unfair advantages, and sometimes it can be frustrating… but honestly, if you aren’t playing the likes of Nuki, Yakkun and such… your opponent isn’t playing his character at its fullest potential, so the victory still lies on you and not on the matchup

If anything, if you switch to the top 3 characters against a better player when losing with your main (when he is not among the 3 of course)… you end up losing even worse. I know I do - when I face a lesser player I can play autopilot with Y/C/K and win as easily as I do with my main Urien, perhaps it’s even easier… when I face a players who is around my level I have to stop auto-piloting, and when I face a better player… I have to resort to Urien to stand a chance.

Yun isn’t that bad. Thankfully the Twins have the second lowest health in the game but they also have one of the more annoying hitboxes. You just need to know how to deal with Dive Kick pressure, parrying his Shoulder or 123, and when to try to reversal during a blocked Genei Jin.

It’s a combination of things that make Chun really hard to deal with even if you’re using one of the Top 8 characters.

This goes against your run of the mill, autopilot Yun with decent execution. It’s exactly like saying to keep out of Chun’s crMK range. There’s a lot more to fighting a good Yun / real Yun than that.
and about dealing with Dive Kick pressure - 97% of the Yun players have a shitty divekick game that still wrecks many players but really isn’t good at all when you understand a couple of things. Facing only that kind of diveckick game would lead me thinking I am equal to Nuki in dealing with them. A good diveckick game is sure difficult to deal with, expecially with some characters, but all the same, developing a good divekick game is not easy at all. Everyone can get good Genei-jin execution with its scary damage potential and pressure with enough trainingh mode, but only few ascend into the real, scary diveckick game.

That’s my experience with (probably shitty) Yun’s. Of course they’re not going to be predictable but I don’t think the matchup is horrible with most of the cast except with Twelve and Sean. I was trying to make a point that their health is so low that you need just two good combos on them and you can clinch it.

I fear the kara-cancel command grab during Genei Jin than anything else.

Rarely do I see this many great posts and horrendous posts in a single thread.

Hugo is a “hard life” character. It seems like you are beginning to discover that. Chances are that you still have no idea how bad it can get! If you love the character enough to weather the storm, go for it and good luck.

Instead of saving your replays when you “parry 70% of their moves,” save the ones where you get completely destroyed. Go through them and try to figure out how to deal with the situations that fucked you over. Also make sure you are getting max damage from every punish. Hugo is one of those characters that has crazy damage/stun output, and you need to make sure to take advantage of it.

I love Chun and Ken…I also love that strong fundamental playstyle, so the two go hand in hand.

also unless you are in tokyo, chances are you arent facing the character at its full potential.

and hugo has great pokes man, need to learn how to use them more efficiently

You’re not good enough to lose because of the tiers so just pick who you like. Nobody online is going to challenge you so hard where it literally comes down to the tiers. Even if you pick up a higher tier character you’re going to have to actually learn the intricacies of that character to not lose to every other scrub mashing shit with Akuma or Ken any ways.

This… Tiers don’t win you matches in any decent fighting game, unless you’re picking Akuma in Super Turbo or God Rugal in CvS2 - this rule doesn’t apply in very high level play in games… which is why if you look at tournament results, tiers look all fucked up in most games.

what is this i don’t even


An that is only assuming that the player in question is able to pull the broken stuff, if not they are only another character of the bunch

have you heard the noises he makes when he attacks? worst ever!

Sorry I’m too busy hating everything about Blanka to be annoyed with any other character