Is it me or the joystick?

I have a Madcatz SE all I did so far was mod the buttons, when I try doing DP motions in Tekken 6 to do crouch dash on 1P side, it never works, but it works flawlessly on 2P side, I pull up the input display to see what the inputs are, it turns out that it’s fowards then almost a half circle forward, so do I just need to adjust my hand or do I need to mod the joystick as well?

A good joystick would be a plus. It’ll last you longer than the SE’s. Work on your technique, if you’re new to joysticks, but you’re going to want to sooner or later get a better sick. And since you’ve invested in buttons, it’d be cheaper to get new joystick than complete.

If you’ve modded the joystick, and thus voided your warranty… consider moving the micro switches to rule out a defect… but in my experience I can do a super/ultra on p1 side, and not on p2, but if i slow down and try the motion again it works… my Madcatz TE works great, but my Happ stick did have an issue with a micro switch so thats why I mention it.

I blame the joystick, because i’ve played on one and i swear the throw on SE sticks is stupid ridiculous (I’d get a jump when i let go of down).

If you’re experienced using Japanese sticks, and have this problem only on the SE, maybe, maybe it’s the stick. If you’re new to sticks in general or just Japanese joysticks, it is probably your execution. 1P vs. 2P side execution problems are very common and simply require practice to straighten out.

A stick swap would be good news and here is a good tutorial for WDing just in case. Otherwise, like every one has said, practice.


Can you ewgf on 1P? If so, it’s probably just the SE being crappy and 2p wd being easier.

I have a madcatz SE as well and just recently modded to a sanwa joystick.
The problem is that the mounting plate and the gate are not perfectly perpendicular to eachother so stick could be a problem.
I suggest you open it up again and look at how the gate is in relation to the plate.