Is it me or there is no Lag bar in raked?


I can’t find it. Can someone confirm this plz?? This would be a big disappointment…


There’s no lagbar at all… Big miss from capcom, I can live without spec mode since I prefer 1on1 but not even being able to see what kind of connection you’re up against is sad :(.

Oh right, there’s no option to kick people from your lobby either, or maybe I missed it. I hope I’m wrong!


seriously? its a basic feature for all online games.

why would they put the lag simulator in training mode and not have a lag indicator for actual matches?


i really hope this isnt true, would probably be pretty damn easy to patch it in at least.


Looks to me like online was a mere afterthought and they really pushed to get the game out as early as possible. I hope they can patch alot of the things that are missing at the moment.


Or maybe Capcom doesn’t like people playing the game before the street date. =__=;


Yeah, there’s no lag bar, made me confused as to why theres a practice under lag. No spectator either, or replay.


Wow, no lag bar is pretty fucked up. I don’t care about replays or spectator, but man, it’s nice to see whether you’re going have a good connection with your opponent.


as far as i have seen it yesterday on the TS stream there is no ranked mode opponent browsing either


This is true … same for Player matches. They take you straight to the char select screen, so you have no idea of connection quality until you play a match. Lobbies let you browse and see lag.

Lobbies are actually done fairly well. Though you can’t see connection quality to all the members of the room … only host, before you join. But if they add spec, lobbies will be nice.


Wow, that’s cheap.

But yeah, feels like they scrapped some stuff in order to get the game out as fast as possible. No problem if they patch this kind of things later.


wow that sucks you dont really expect things to take such a massive step backwards from ssf4. no replays etc makes me sad as well :frowning:


I played only one match online so far, and it was a lobby so I saw we had a good connection. It was choppy as hell and stuttering like my friend Nick. dddddddadddaddddduh.
I wonder what 1 bar connections are like


Remember guys differen division work to design a game blame the networking Department for sitting on there asses to write an easy as shit networking code.


Yeah I agree, surely there are different departments at capcom working on their designated area of the game. And this is what the network department came up with?

SHAME ON THEM! Bad capcom, BAD!


This is pretty shitty, you can’t browse matches in player or ranked matches and see their connection? Can’t watch other players play in lobbies, no replay recording.
I guess this doesn’t matter to players who mostly play offline, but people who have/want to play online this is a big deal. In my case I pretty much have to play online to get decent competition (there are a lot less idiots/noobs online in Europe).
This game has a lot of customizable options, but shouldn’t online be focused on? I thought there was a unspoken standard and a exceptations of what fg online should be like. Can you atleast make 2 player lobbies? I don’t recall any info.
Wth, the shit about bars, why can’t we have clear ping numbers that refresh often so you can see whats a stable and a good connection. Numbers ain’t that hard to understand…
See if they fix this after launch… keeping my fingers crossed.


I’m sure the game will be fine tuned by the time Marvel vs Capcom 3: Arcade Edition comes out :sad:.


If a Day 1 patch fixes this you should all get infractions for jumping to conclusions.


If there’s no day-one patch, everyone who keeps spouting about day-one patches should get infractions.

Also, for people having laggy matches you have to realize there aren’t all that many people with the game yet. There will be 100x as many people playing come Tuesday.


Feels like a “dumbing down for consoles” thing imo. But who knows why, it’s not like it’d be a time consuming thing to add.