"Is it my turn to fight yet?"

I’ve been on the ranked matches recently, and I have run into Dante alot more then I feel comfortable with (Vergil too, but Dante more). One mistake usually leads to me losing 75% health or more. Dante also is impossible to get next to, with teleports, floaty orb moves, and other stuff that makes it way too difficult.

I’m running Zero/Chris/Ryu and would like to know an easy way to fight Dante/Vergil? (Also, the assist they almost always use is SENTINEL)

With Zero, if you’re playing a dante that know’s the match up it can be tough. But I still think the match is in Zero’s favor, that character just has way too many options. The one thing I’ve noticed a lot of zero player’s like to do is super jump, dash move then dash. I love seeing that cause I can just blow it up with teleport into j.:s:. Honestly, if you stay at about normal jump height, throw out lightingxshotxlightning, there’s not really much he can do, especially if you space it right. Even more so if you cover yourself with an assist. Every time you get close to the ground you should be able to throw out a j.:h:, which completely stops any advance I can make. In the same vain, anytime dante is coming down, beware of the fact that he can :s: into Hammer. How ever, if he’s at about normal jump height you can s.:h:

You have mobility, no Dante should ever be able to teleport free (always look for it) both your assists seem like they just cover the ground. The only way I find I beat Zero’s is if they seem like they’re coming close to me, with either their dash move or lightning, I jump S into hammer. Usually they’ll run into it. Otherwise, I can’t get close to the character. He has better and faster normals that are just as long as mine are. Plus buster is a dumb move, keeping any block string safe, even if they xfc it. Plus, dante needs good assists/ a good DHC to TOD you off of anything, especially if it’s off just a hammer. Where as Zero just needs a clean hit, and even that he just needs ANY hit if he has buster. Lightning loop will convert any hit into a kill at two meters max.