Is it necessary,really?

Heyguys. Ive recently just picked up balrog, round about the same time i started learning stick, which is about a month ago. He’s a great character, im making solid progress bit by bit but now im having 2nd thoughts. i just heard of this charge method (hld bk, fd then bk + p/k) which is “said” to very essential if u wanna beast with charge characters cause it saves u charge frames blah blah blah,ive tried using this method and im horribly inconsistant and can barely link/cancel it after my normals. Do i need to sit dwn and really learn this style of charge if i want to get better coz im completely comfortable with the old-school style,pull off fancy combos here and there even though i cant armour cancel to super/ultra or jab to save my life which is kind of discouraging for aspiring balrogers like us, Is it possibe to pull off those glitchy feats with the oldschool charge style…This is my 1st post so please go easy on me…thnx:china:

Nope people are silly. Just do em normal

I think it’s essential if you are playing a charge character with a spammable move (Guile with sonic boom or M.Bison with scissor kick) but not necessary with Balrog.

Fancy difficult combos are the icing on the cake. They are only necessary on a top level of play. Ask yourself just how important it is to you to be the best at street fighter… Then u have your answer…

Well I can’t see a time when you would need this with Balrog unless you’re doing the loops. I tried this in Training Mode and realised that naturally after a special with Rog I always go to charge again anyway. I guess when you play with Rog enough it just comes naturally. Its not something I’ve thought about but I don’t think it shouldn’t be a problem with Rog. I played Bison and maintaining charge was essential when you lk.scissorkick spammed.

i don’t use that charge style - i can do bnb combos with near perfect consistency. those fancy combos not as consistent but its not because of lack of charge. i tried it once and i thought it was useless - it didn’t increase consistency. i guess its whatever you get used to first.

You will never do 2 charge moves that quickly after one another to need to do that with Balrog.