Is it normall tto have a slight button lag when playing on a TE stick?

I recently started playing SSF4 on a TE stick. A few days ago I noticed a very slight, but obvious delay between the time I push a button and when something happens onscreen. I didn’t notice it until two days ago. This is the first arcade stick I’ve ever used. Is there something wrong with the stick, or is it something I’m just suddenly noticing?

I play on an Aquos 1080p LCD gaming TV if it matters. But I recently switched to composite video output going through my VCR so I could use a capture card. I was previously using HDMI, but I need the capture card for EVO online.

Going through a composite connection on an HDTV will definitely introduce input lag. It’s not your stick, it’s the TV having to upscale the video signal from the composite connection. Running it through HDMI at 1080p or 720p would reduce the lag.

Btw, a lot of your matches are saved in replay data on your 360 automatically. If for whatever reason you need to use the capture card, you can access the replay data later and record it then. No need to record the match live.

It’s your T.V.

There really is no HDTV that doesn’t have input lag. Even the EVO monitors have lag but it’s practically undetectable which is why a lot of people enjoy playing on them. If you play on a CRT then you should be fine but yeah, every frame counts in most fighting games.

Thanks for the advice, but if I understand correctly I have to stream it.

How much input lag should there be on a gaming HDTV with a setting to reduce lag? I’m interested to know how much lag the average one has.

Ideally, you want between 1/2 a frame of lag and one frame. Some people argue that one frame of lag is already too much, but TVs with 1 frame of lag have been used for Japanese console tourneys before.

An “average” HDTV can lag anywhere between one (no problem really) and six frames (big problem).

yes it is.

Those are the rules, the only time you need to submit a replay is if there is some problem in the match or a discrepancy in how you and your opponent report the results, which is where the replay data comes in. There’s nothing that says you have to stream it. A requirement like that would just needlessly limit people from being able to play (including me, since I have no equipment to do so), not to mention possibly introduce a lot more lag into the match.

You know for sure?

Absolutely. There is NO requirement that you have to stream the match. The ONLY time you need to send them a recording is if there is an issue with your match. As per their latest e-mail info:

Again, all this is done AFTER your match and ONLY if there is a problem.