Is it official? Retro Game thread


I dunno, if this has been done before. If it has then my bad, if it’s against the rules then my bad, if it’ fair game then cool. Just wanted a spot where discussions about older games, basically anything Circa pre-PSX discontinuation and older.Not just console games, but arcade games as well. Nothing really specific, just about gaming in general. I’m really targeting the OG of gaming, but new comers are welcomed too.


Some of my fondest memories playing snes with my cousins/friends and hangin out at the various arcades (yes there was more than 1 local aracde back then lol) back in the day… Final fight,4p xmen arcade, daytona, Fatal fuy, AOF/2,KOF, SF2 etc etc


Speaking of 4P X-men, has anyone ever had the luxury of 4P experience?


i did. back in the day when arcades were still alive. i remember playing that, also the avengers and simpsons 4p. man that shit was fun…


Breath of Fire II still holds its place in my ‘Great Games’ list. If you’ve never played it, I say check it out. It might not be everyones cup of tea, but playing it on the SNES when I was younger…I knew I found a keeper. The world map wasn’t too detailed, but the battle screens and whatnot were [in my opinion]. That and it had a good cast of characters which I still remember to this day.


Yep that as well as tmnt, sundset riders, the simpsons etc.


Thread just started and I’m already nostalgic. They really don’t make them like they used too. Damn, I miss old school gaming.


The first arcade game I bought was a 4 player Xmen (for about $150). These games are great to play, but after the nostalgia wears off and you beat it on free play, it kind of gets stale. But they were great back in the day.


I have the game as well. It’s great fun with the full 4 players.


4p? its all about 6 player x men. that shit was hot back in the day (as long as you diddnt get stuck in the corner playing dazler)


I really liked it when I was young, but when I play it now I can’t stand it. I guess I can’t get over the fact that I’m level 50 and I still only have like 400 HP or something like that. The game had a lot of cool little secrets. Till this day I don’t know what happens when you play the bells correctly at that one temple… maybe I should gamefaqs it.


We need a new River City Ransom game.


A game I see go rarely lauded is Beyond Oasis for the Genesis. I loved that game, beat it many times as a kid.

It’s sort of like the first action RPG I’ve ever played.


A nightmare on Elm street for the NES