Is it ok for hiryu to play without doom?

I play mag hiryu and cyke

and my hiryu is doint quite well by him self
especially agaisht sent and cable I abuse his teleport alot and I even use him to build bars becuz after an ouroborus he has lmore then half a bar when u start presseing buttons. I see him as an independant character.

so I was wondering if hes good enough to be byhimself and all the down points.

he needs an assist to cover him. otherwise he can die pretty easily. he’s not unusable by any means, but he’s definately weakened. him and doom are booty buddies. don’t seperate them.

he needs a good assist, but if you know what you’re doing he’s quite formidable still. He can set up traps w/ other characters besides doom, but I can’t see doing it w/ any of the characters on your team. I’d recommend dropping magz for doom.

If your looking to use him without doom try putting a strong ground assist such as sent, tron, storm.

Strider isn’t nearly as much of a threat w/o Doom, but he still has 2nd tier keepaway, and 2nd tier rushdown to alternate between.

He seems to work well w/ Ironman. If you can land a low short, do into assist into Orbs, combos to variable tag…free combo for the incoming character. If that’s IM, free infinite. :evil: Also, IM-AAA does lots of extra damage, which is something Strider needs.

Storm does work really well w/ strider. But still, not using doom would be like using cable w/o hyper combos, or team scrub w/ ruby heart’s AA instead of commando. You’ll be depriving yourself of something that is just too good!

ok kool thnx.

but then I have to get better with doom which Im not that good.
I have to use characters that I can use and stuff. maybe I could try sent but then I wont be able to use him the tourny since hes not allowed. also I probably dont have time to learn to play him since I only practice at the arcade.

I just use strider becuz hes a wicked ninja and he can get in almost any tight spot just by teleporting.

well thnx for the info, il keep that in mind.

as long as you use an assist that takes up a lot of space, strider will be able to fight.

Magz and cyke will both work for you, that way you won’t have to learn anything new. oh, and wtf kind of competition won’t let you use sentinel?

i use doom with strider, and it really helps what assist type are u guys using ? variety? i just started reading the forums. and its helping me alot.:smiley: strider , does strider contribute too helping out doom? what assist type should i use??

Doom helps out strider w/ doom’s AAA. If you want some kind of in depth analysis on it just PM me and I’ll break it down for you. But if I tell all about it in this thread, you’re gonna get flamed like crazy.

My team line up is Strider, Storm, and Sentinel.

I like Sentinal (Ground) because he has his Super Armor (which can cover Strider from small projectiles) and he exits the fighting ground much faster than Doom. So I would rush my opponent down, call out a lion xx into Ouroboros, call out sentinel, teleport, (hopefully catches him off guard), combo till whatever, keep calling sentinel out until ouroboros run out.

Once I’m out, if they block all of my attacks, I combo OTG them (if they block) ending with the lion (and during the time Strider is calling out his lion, I tap in Sentinel).

Works fairly well, especially with the ouroboros. Confusing the hell out of my opponent.

A Strider played without doom makes him only alittle better then most of the characters in the game. Sure you can put him with a strong ground assit like sent, but it still doesn’t have quite the chipping or trapping ability that doom provides. Any serious player knows that splitting up that dynamic duo only can weaken your team. Besides, they go so perfect together strider+ doom make up a weird combonation that when played correct can wreck havoc and trap nearly any team in the game.

Well I’m in Houston. I only play in local arcades. I never go to any tourneys to watch the pros play. Nor have I seen anyone at the local arcades who play strider and doom.

To me, Doom is a lil hard to play with b/c of his speed. His combos are easy to pull off but… I don’t know. Just something about him that doesn’t click with me.

If you think doom’s hard to play, try playing strider:rolleyes:
mastering teleport is enough to drive someone crazy!:lol:

I’m not sure if everyone on here understands the entire concept of Strider/Doom. Strider and Doom are primarily played together for their trap. This means using doom as the primary assist, understand IjojoI?

Trapping isn’t the only way to play strider. You can also use assists like Sent ground or other solid AA’s for zoning/anti rushdown. You can use Tron for the one hit kill. You can also use Psy for a Magneto style rushdown with Strider. However, if you plan on using Psylocke with Strider, I suggest you throw out Doom and use Storm as the second character. And secondly, there is only one common competitive team I would use Strider/Storm/Psy on and that’s Team Row. Land a hit, DHC for the kill, then run like a ho.

I DO play Strider. He’s a lot better to play with than doom.

I understand that most people believe that Strider and Doom go together but obviously you don’t understand the concept that I just prefer to play Sentinel over Doom.

Doom’s great for his chipping assist and trapping compatability with strider but playing Doom when my other two characters are dead is a whole other story.

People have their preferences. I have my own. The rushdown method I use with Sentinel works pretty well and pressures the hell outta my opponent.

My bad. I didn’t realize I was quoting you. I thought I was quoting someone else.:o