Is it ok for hiryu to play without doom?

IjojoI, you can prefer to play characters and a game in any fashion. From judging by tournament play and matches Strider seems to excel best when hes with doom. I like to have a sent assist as well and genrally play sent/strider/doom as my strider team. I know what it adds, I still would really recommend you learn doom though cause strider works so awesome with him. Anyway, wheres Clock at, he can settle this. I wonder what his opinion is? Clockw0rk help us out bro.

I think nothing will ever equal up to the relationship Doom has to Strider, but other assists like I said earlier and Kai work well. It is recommended that you start out using Strider with Doom to see how powerful he can be and adjust to his style of pressuring. Then from there you can move on to something else if you don’t find yourself feeling comfortable. But seriously, just try learning Doom and see what you come up with from there.

It is wierd that Clock has disapeared from these forums for the past few months.:lol:

I personally think it’s better to start just using Strider solo so you can figure out how good he is. A lot of people who start using strider and doom immediately together don’t know how to do anything BUT the trap. Let’s face it though; there’s a lot more to him than just that.

I heard Clock left the arcade scene and strictly plays FFXI now. Kinda depressing:(

Damm, is that true man, where did you here that about Clock. That blows if he has, he is like one of the only Strider/Doom players in the upper tournaments.

I think I heard it in the thread that was something like “Who will be the first to dethrone Justin Wong”. I think it was in general strategy.

Yeah, Strider has way more then just that trap. Thats what will make a Strider player better, figuring things out beyond the trap.

I actually remember that thread where they mentioned clock and his FFXI. I think Clock will eventually miss marvel and return if he did leave because he’s been a big help to this community and such a big part.

I am going to try Strider/Blackheart/Capcom.

Strider/Blackheart should owns Cable for free
Blackheart/Capcom should own Sentinel and Storm run-away style.
So on paper, this team should own team scrub… except that Strider will lack his usual super.

What do you think?

Strider/Black heart doesn’t really own Cable. BH is one of the worst assists to use against Cable. He starts up so slow he gets AHVBx3 4 free:( . Sentinel would work better IMO. Also, if you still want to use this team, go blackheart, then dhc to strider. The way it sounds like you’re doing it is that strider isn’t using much meter and he’s the best person on this team to hog meter.

I just came back from Golland. There were nobody so all I can say is my experience against the computer.

Strider+blackheart+Capcom own the computer for free.
I never run out of super, but my Strider did died several times.
I guess blackheart+Strider+Capcom would be better, but if Cable is first, how can you deal with him using blackheart?
Maybe Doom/blackheart/Capcom would be better when dealing with Cable.

Anyhow, I also tried Ruby Heart (one of my favorite character)/Strider/Doom. It is very fun against the computer, but I am pretty sure any Sentinel/Storm/Magneto/Cable would own this team for free. Moreover Ruby and Strider are pretty weak. One mistake and this game will be done really fast.

If you’re going to use doom, and you’re a strider player, why don’t you use BH/S/D. Oh and I always start strider when someone starts cable.

P.S. everyone else > commando:p

Because Magneto, Cable or Sentinel owns for free Strider/Blackheart/Doom.
Magneto is too fast and will hit Doom before he will do his counter, Sentinel will buzz over your head and hit you non stop kick on your face no matter who you use (and you will not be able to retalite), and Cable just need to see Doom appearing to do his 4 supers on a row and kill your Doom and maybe Strider too in the process (the worst he can do is stand in a corner and wait), leaving <add character name here> very much lonely.

That’s why you do the BH/Doom trap and lock the opponent down. I love this team because you almost always have a trap.




I think BH should always start on this team except against Cable. Magz will usually start this match blocking because no one wants to eat BH’s roundhousexxHOD. That should give you enough time to start the trap.

I don’t play with strider or doc but what about strider/Doom and Sent