Is it okay to get with your stepmom?

When I say “get with”…well…you know what i’m talking about. So what do you think?

Only if you provide pics obviously.

I’m shocked and disgusted…

…that there are no pics.

  1. Pics?
  2. Would you bang a buddy’s wife? How about your brother’s wife? I assume the answer to these is no (probably not a safe assumption considering you are asking this), so why would fucking your dad’s wife be any different?

Because she is hot. And my dad would probally do the same thing to my girlfriend.


so what if she raised you from when you were little? but on the real I wouldn’t do that to my pops

Juggalos. No dignity.

Sure it is… if you’re a redneck

Just realized who the OP was. You are getting better at making your trolling attempts less obvious at least.

I think you’re replying to the wrong person. I’m just counter-trolling.

Is your dad a piece of shit? The answer to this question is the answer you seek. Although, if you ever have to ponder that question, there are more things to worry about than whether or not you should bang your stepmom.

We need pics though.

:confused: Does Sigley have two accounts? :confused:

somebody give this guy what he wants and ban him already.

this is why people hate juggalos - not because they are “freaks” or “losers” or “outcasts” but because they try so hard to say an do the most mind-numbingly stupid shit in order to alienate themselves from others in a transparent bid to back up their own self-image of being a “freak” and “outcast”, thus making them a “true juggalo”.

I thought people hated Juggalos because they spoke like this [media=youtube]kJdZ2Bb5Mpw[/media]


that vid was totally uncalled for.

Gotta give it up to ICP, though. No frontin’ from them [media=youtube]9KxTUZ33gdM[/media]

:rofl: Damn, I shoulda known better but that still caught me by surprise.

I think it’s okay: no shared blood, give her teh pud. Hell…Tim (the bear) Huffington from The Cleveland Show stole his wife Arianna from his dad. Do Seth Green proud. :tup:

Your dad would either high-5 you or gut you with a kitchen knife.

yeah my bad I meant the original poster