Is it okay to just stand in neutral in a fight?


I’ve noticed our habit of always, every second in those 99 seconds of a round, nonstop inputting something to the controller, mainly crouch-blocking when there is no imminent threat of an attack right then and there.

I’ve come to appreciate how just “letting my guard go to neutral” (i.e. entering the character’s idle stance), helps to get a quick overview of just where I am right at that moment, where the opponent is, and just a clearer picture of what he might be thinking. It’s sort of like taking a quick timeout to get a different perspective when you pause for a moment. When you’re constantly walking back and forward for positioning, you’re kind of stuck in that “path”, in a way, sometimes. I also feel it takes away a great deal of stress from the situation, if I just pause for a moment, and take my time.

I remember several occasions where Daigo just paused like that, namely in that “Evo moment #37”, and the commentators actually felt a need to comment on him simply not actually inputting any actions for like just half a second.

I think that’s a little odd, how we feel that we need to be inputting commands like at least a crouch-block, from the moment a round starts until it ends.

I’ve played like Chun’s who might throw full-screen fireballs, and since they dissipate before reaching my character, I haven’t needed to input any commands, and this leads them to think I’m either experiencing lag, or they think I’m messing around with them.

It seems like some feel that it’s a form of disrespect, but that’s definitely not my intention, but I feel it really helps me to alleviate stress from the moment, and to get a better perspective on the situation.

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Why is it such a big deal?


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Poll are usually frowned upon because the idea is that we’d rather have people decide for themselves based on people’s input/discussion on the subject. In this case, this is something where actual discussion would be more helpful over just clicking yes or no on a poll.

It also belongs more in the Newbie Dojo than the SFV section.


There is nothing stopping anyone from discussing the subject - the poll is there as a side-option for anybody who only briefly stops by.

I already discussed by own point of view on the matter in the initial post.



And if your opponent gets angry about it, they’re getting angry at really weird things.


It’s like in Indiana jones, that dude with the swords and he just shoots them, they’re all dancing around and you just stand there and sweep when they go forward. Other times, just like the sequel, the sweep is blocked and punished, dude deflects the bullets, shit is real. Worth a try though…


Standing still can be a form of mind games too. You seem like you’re not reacting while in fact you’re just waiting for certain inputs from your opponent to do something. It’s like crouch blocking, it’s a way to frustrate players and force them to attack just to do your invincible reversal afterwards.
People are more scared by what they can’t see than by what appears on the screen.


Is it okay to stand still? It’s okay to do anything that isn’t cheating.

Things that are not ok:

Knocking the controller out of your opponent’s hands
Threats of real violence over a video game
Pulling your dick out and doing the helicopter after winning

That is the definitive list of unforgivable fighting game wrongdoings.


On the internet, nobody knows you’re helicopter dicking after a match


The definite perk of playing in the privacy of your own home - heli-dickin’ all day, baby!


Preferably in games with autoguard. I do it when I feel like the opponent is moving back and forth only because they know good players do it. Also I like to see what they do in reaction to my nothing.


It’s OK to do anything as long as you win.