Is it okay to pirate games?


I know, I know, it’s a controversial topic, since the regular answer would be: NO and that would be about it, but let’s dig a little bit into the entire story.

The main reason not to pirate games is obviously because it’s stealing. You’re stealing a product that wants to be paid for and while that’s a perfectly valueable reason, it goes even further, since you’re not giving the people who created the game the much needed money to cover up the production costs and also make some profit. Fine, BUT …

I have a problem with something else. When I see gaming sites talking about piracy, they tend to trash the pirates a lot and why shouldn’t they? The pirates are doing something wrong, but is the gaming industry doing everything correctly, or are they thieves as well?

Let me come up with two examples. Two companies and two games.
Capcom with Street Fighter X Tekken and Activision with Prototype 2. What did they do wrong?

Weeell, we all know about the controversy surrounding SFxT and the DLC. It was a pure mess and really, really hurt the sales of that game, since it didn’t sold that good. Especially if you consider that it has two of the biggest name in the gaming industry overall: Street Fighter and Tekken!
What went wrong?
They sold you the game and then someone discovered that the disc featured a lot more characters than you were actually allowed to choose. Capcom had the plan to sell you these characters, which were locked on the disc to a later date for 20$. And these characters were not the only extra money-goodies that came with the game.
If you summed it all up, you would have ended with 140$ less in your wallet, to own the full game of SFxT. You even had to spend money on additional gems like the infamous autoblock-gem, which got nerfed later on and the people who paid for it … well, too bad for them. And let’s not ignore the fact that Capcom knew exactly that it would turn out like that.
Paying 140$ for a … not that great game? I don’t think so, but it’s still how it’s running, when it comes to Capcom.
They’re doing it, simply because they can. They’re harming their customers, since they’re demanding waaaay too much money.

What about Activision?
Their Prototype 1 is one of my favorite games. I really liked that game, especially because it didn’t have any extra-money features. I bought the game and I owned it - the perfect deal. I also became a huge fan of Alex Mercer, so I was excited about Prototype 2 as well - to see how the game turns out to be.
And it was a pureee mess, but my biggest problem was with the Radnet-Edition of the game.
The developers basically told you that the Radnet-Edition would be a pre-order-bonus-only-edition and that it would be limited. You would have to pre-order it as soon as possible, before it’s out of stock, so I did exactly that.
I waited and I waited until the game arrived, just to find out that there is no special-pre-order-bonus edition. It’s just the regular game, that offers you clearly ripped out of the game content, which is protected with an online-pass. That is the Radnet-Edition.
So what that means is that Activision was lying to the faces of the customers, telling them to pre-order the game, without giving them anything for it, just so that they would immediately buy the game, before the reviews come out and expose the game as something medicore that did some things better than the first game, but some things even much worse.
I was hugely disappointed and felt wallet-raped, since I didn’t feel like that game would be worth the 80$ (yeah, that’s how much I have to spend for games in my country). For me Prototype 2 feels like Prototype 1.5 since it’s only a slight update from the first game and even offers you less content when it comes to some areas.
And you can’t buy the game used, since then you would have even less content. Great …
And Activision is doing that simply because they can.

So my question is …
If the gaming industry can steal the money from the gamers, simply because they want to make more money and not share that money with the manufactury and the gaming industry - why shouldn’t the gamers be allowed to simply pirate the games.
Basically to steal them, just like the gaming industry is stealing the money of the gamers nowdays.
The gaming industry is going it because they can, but so can the gamers raise up and steal the content they have access too, simply because they can - the gamers would save money in the process and teach the gaming industry to handle the DLC and stuff like that which is incredibly easy to abuse.

I’m not saying that pirating is a good thing. I’m also not saying that you should do it.
But what I’m saying is that the gaming industry is as evil as the pirates, since the gaming industry is stealing money as well.
And unfortunately Capcom is probably the most evil company when it comes to such business practices.
The tons of additional editions, which come out 5-9 months after the release of the first game, the lazy HD remakes (let’s face it, Jojo’s is terrible and doesn’t offer enough for 20$), the mutilation of the Resident Evil franchise (RE: ORC wtf?), the disc-locked-content and all the other stuff.

Does Capcom still deserve the money of the gamers, or should they be taught a lession?


If you want to teach them a lesson, don’t buy their game(s).


uh oh.


Pirating their games won’t teach these companies anything…except maybe to take hard copies off the street and make people download everything.


No, infact that’s a stupid question. I’m also pretty sure discussing piracy is against forum rules.


I rarely say this because I hate to sound like an asshole, but, that is a really stupid question. And the justification for this question is just as stupid.


I only pirate capcom games


Tl;dr whine whine whine.
Another anti sfxt thread disguised very in a very transparent shell.

So I had my first therapy session yesterday, I know a lot of people are against it.

I’m guessing a lot of the stigma against it is due to the need to be honest about subjects most would rather keep to them self.

Anyone want to weigh in on why it’s so disliked?

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It’s the companies right to price their games, DLC and anything else at the price they wish.
Obviously it’s within their best interest to keep that pricing competitive and the DLC content worth the price for higher sales.

But it’s their right. Full Stop.
If they priced DLC for £50,000. then they aren’t stealing from you because you would be making a conscience decision to make that purchase or not.
(Come to think of it, Peter Molyneux - Curiosity Cube DLC - Golden Pickaxe comes to mind here.)

That’s about it.
It is a stupid question really.


I don’t get you guys. You act like I’m asking for a permission to pirate games with this thread.
That’s not what it’s about. It’s also not a “let’s bash Cashcom”-thread. Stop being stupid by thinking like that.

The question is … why is the gaming industry allowed to steal money of the people (and they are, by providing less content for money money) and the gamers are the evil guys, when they pirate games (by spending less money for more content).

If I have the choice of paying 140$ for the full SFxT game, simply because Capcom can do it and does it, since they don’t care about the games - or pirating the game and harming the publisher in the process, while I don’t give a fuck about them anymore, because of their bad business - then yeah, pirating sounds interesting.

There was a stupid conversation a while ago in the comments on the front page, when it came to the DLC characters on the disc.
There was a guy who came up with a box of donuts or something and tried to used that as an example to justify the DLC characters and the people started to discuss and discuss.
THAT WAS STUPID. Mainly because it’s not that complicated.

SFxT with the DLC characters is like a pizza that you buy and you get an extra topping for it, but you’re not allowed to use it, even though it’s in the package since they want you to pay for it. WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU DO THAT? You got it in the package - it’s already there. It’s a part of it. Just give me the damn topping and all that for the price of a regular pizza and not for the double price, simply because the idiots who sell it to you feel like it.


this ninja said “since it didn’t sold good”.

wholy fuck




All the other retardation aside, since this is still a stupid fucking question I’m going to make this as simple as possible.

Company is not stealing money from you. You are WILLINGLY PAYING for something you want. If you think you are overpaying, don’t fucking pay. Piracy IS absolutely stealing money from the company and is wrong and not ok.


It’s not really a bad thing, but it’s not really a good thing either.

Figures are way too ambiguous and intangible to say anything concrete about it, yet everyone approaches it like they know everything about it resulting in really intrusive and unreliable methods of preventing piracy.

Instead of trying to adjust to the market, the companies try to adjust the market to themselves which doesn’t work and never will in a million years.


No, no its not.


Pirating good games is a shitty thing to do to good developers.

Pirating shitty games is a shitty thing to do to yourself.

Where is the win, in this?


Who’s to say that those who pirated would’ve bought the game anyways if they couldn’t pirate it?

Who’s to say that those who pirated are just trying to demo the game and will pay for it if they like it?

Not quite that simple. Without that kind of data, you have nothing. To simply assume that every single pirated copy is money lost is absolutely naive.


I can’t wait to own a Dreamcast…


That kind of data doesn’t fucking matter and that’s as stupid an argument as the stupid ass question posed by this thread.

If you want to demo a game, FIND A DEMO. PIRACY IS STEALING AND ILLEGAL. There is no way to sugarcoat that shit get the fuck out with this nonsense.