Is it okay to quit a match

… if the game lies to you about the connection?

It can happen that the game tells you the connection is like, 4/5 bars out of 5, but when you get into the match it lags like hell. Not talking about it starts good, then drops, I’m talking about being crappy from the beginning while you expect it to be good, as that’s what the game tells you.

I’m new to fighting games so you know, I’m trying to learn the… “code of conduct”, so to speak.

Naw, you’re in the game: play it out and learn from it.

Bitch to the game maker about their connection representation. :\

I do absolutely nothing in laggy online matches that are un-playable. Just let the person have at it for a free win. I don’t take video games that seriously.

nah. Either play it out, or just walk forward into the opponent and take the L.

When quitting means you get out of the match without repercussions, like in SFV, it’s just not ok.
Stay, do your best and use the lag to learn to anticipate.

I usually just let the other guy kill me or scrub it out, whichever makes the fight go quicker.

Unless you’re playing SFV where the lag can be pretty one sided, both sides are going to be feeling the lag, so if the other guy quits out early in the match I don’t hold that against them.

I don’t think there’s anything to “learn” in a lagged out fight, unless you wanna practice them 50/50 rollback mixups.

Yeah I think I agree with those who say there’s nothing to learn from a laggy match so there’s no point in fighting. Especially since none of us can rely on skill, just random hit recognition.

For clarity, I’m not talking about slight delays or frame skips, I’m talking about literal slideshows, where there’s like, 1 frame per second.

In those situations, why would it be wrong to quit?

Why are we giving clickbait titles to threads?

these guys are trolling
leave the match if lag is induced
staying is wasting your time and theirs

The better question is: If you already feel like your actions are justified, why are you asking strangers on the internet for their opinion? Do you need validation that badly? Are you that insecure about your decision even after you just tried to justify your position? What a shitty thread.

Yes I honestly don’t understand the responses so far. Of course you should leave ASAP in slideshow connections. Otherwise you subject you and your opponent to 3 minutes of wasted life you will never get back.

You should leave as soon as its clear the connection is beyond playable. It’s not ok to play out the laggy match then only quit if you’re losing.

No, I’ve read the responses and then I’ve come to agree with those people I thought were right. AFTER I read them. Don’t play Sigmund Freud, pal.

Now, if you’ve got anything that adds to the discussion…

Well, as I said, I’m new to fighting games and from the outside, I’ve always seen quitting labeled as a really bad thing to do no matter the circumstances, you know. So I had this doubt and thought of asking you guys.

Aside from punishments for quitting, leaving during the first round in a lag-fest is harmless. But if you stick around to see if you can still win and then leave after you lose the first round, you’re a douche.

IMO, if the connection is obviously shit, then go disconnect. The only one who’d complain anyway about a DC in that situation is either someone abusing the lag, or lag switching.

I did add to the discussion by implying that you seem to not have a real reason for asking and are just wasting everyone’s time with a pointless thread. Others’ opinions only matter if it’s unanimous or overwhelmingly accepted with logic and reasoning to back it up. Otherwise, you (should) have the freedom to make whatever choice you want, regardless of whether or not someone else thinks it’s shitty.

Oh I see, good point.

I wonder though, is sticking around and exploiting the lag to win considered more douchy then quitting after the first round if you’re losing? Or less?

Thanks in advance to those responding, it really helps me deciding what’s best and least asshole-ish to do in case of a laggy match.

To be fair to the OP, every SFV forum I’ve visited has people decrying all the RQ’ers in that game, so I can see how someone new can feel antsy about quittng a match early at the risk of being branded one, even if for valid reasons.

I quit in the beginning of the first round if the match is too laggy.

No, either one of you can quit. If you both decide to stay, then it’s game on. In some games there are penalties for quitting at any point, regardless of the network conditions, so you may be forced to play in the lag.


Ranked Match: Use it as a bathroom break or grab a bite to eat, if its laggy bro.

Player Match: Just leave bro, its just wasting your time to play some good matches.