Is it possibile to cancel into super?

I think it’s quite impossilble. The time is too tight.
I tried in this way but I can’t succeed in:

:qcf: :lk: :hcf:

Any ideas?

Yes. I just tried it on Blanka. Does 390 damage (vanilla SF4). You have to do it insanely fast and there’s nothing special other than that. qcf qcf lp. I could only do it facing left. Not sure how useful this would be in a game since it’s so hard to pull off.

do it as you would a slide super, if you’re so inclined to try it. do the super motion first, then just hold back and press lk then lp

Yeah!!! Thanks a lot! I’ve to incorporate this shortcut to my game.
I’ll test to see if b.lp xx super is easier than the b.lp lk slide xx super.
Theorically you can buffer all movement from down to back while Sim’s hitting with b.lp…
but it seems not so easy to perform.

I have an easier time canceling crouching into super, but maybe the extra range of standing is worth a go.