Is it possible? An arcade stick case made out of copper clad steel?

My dad always has a bunch of these at his workplace and I just had the thought that maybe I can assemble a case out of this and it’d be easy to drill out button holes with this material. I can coat the box with metallic paint and do a style similar to Finkle’s arcade sticks and get an acrylic right on top of it.

oh and I was just thinking of soldering the copper together and then using wood blocks to reinforce the attachments together. With that I could add a thin poplar piece on top of the wood blocks with giant 35mm+ holes. Then a clad piece on top with 30mm button holes for Sanwa snap ins and then the acrylic on top of it.

Do you guys think it would work? Or does it sound like a giant flop?

as long as you keep the wires and solders from touching any other metals in the whole wiring you would be fine. good luck with that box- sounds interesting. and whenever you are inspired that is often when it is best to go for it.

I say just do it.

What do you have to lose?

do it to avoid contact just cut a square piece of wood and attach your wiring etc on it

/r/ing prototype and pics, plx. =D

do you have any pictures of the box? i’m curious to see what it looks like.

I haven’t made a box yet :frowning:
Anyways, I’m still just running ideas in my head before I go out and do my project. I have a Finkle stick and I’ve seen the pcb glued onto the wood, so I think I can do the same thing and am not worried about metal contact. One of the problems I’m seeing right now are the edges. Copper clad has sharp edges and I’m thinking of how to solder all the pieces together. I can do it without having ugly looking solder bumps on the outside and I know it will hold but it’ll till look too simple and possibly ugly, but the paint might make it look better if I do it right… I’m trying to think of how to make it look more aesthetically pleasing.