Is it possible for a fight stick to lag?

I swear, mine lags the inputs, or mashes out something random.

Are there problems like this?

I have a Shitty Madcatz, basic stick, but have sanwa buttons and Semitsu… but I swear to god… sometimes I just input simple dp and it mashes out something crazy, or doesn’t do anything at all…

I know i know… look at my inputs… and muscle memory, I have, and I swear something is wrong here.

are you playing on a monitor? If you’re using a regular tv that might be the issue.

Im on a Monitor. 144hz

Htz does not meant anything as far as input delay, what are you inputting into? What is your system/game/port/console?

  1. it’s probably your sloppy inputs (no offense intended) different games have different tolerances for inputs (If you’re going from SFIV to SFV this probably includes you)
  2. for monitor reference
  3. Turn on input display re-peat 1-3

well, I just tried a different stick… and my god, it seems like EVERYTHING is working PERFECTLY on input.

But maybe a Korean stick just works for me better. (Crown not Semitsu Square Gate)

This is a personal comfort issue. If you feel more comfortable using the Korean stick then use that for now, and consider trying the other stick again some other time.

That isn’t what’s going on here. You can tell by the way it isn’t.

while there is such a thing as input lag on sticks the problems youre describing sound more like theyre related to execution. How long have you been playing with a stick?

Oh, I know…
I was just answering the question.

Because even on the so-called “f-tier” sticks on that page, you can still do a DP. 15ms lag isn’t going to prevent you from tossing out plasma.

If I had to guess, it’s an execution problem, a bad switch, or the stick is on the wrong setting.

Make sure the LS DP RS switch is set to DP

What RoboKrikit said, its most likely a comfort issue. And BurnYourEgo is on the right track.
I also take what SHSL_Street_Fighter suggest and make sure the controller is set to DP and not LS or RS.

Most fightsticks don’t “lag” where it’s detrimental to a player.
I would take the whole teyah lag thing with a grain of salt.

Yes, Thanks for all the responses.

To answer the above.

I have only used a stick, but I have only been playing SF on and off from SF42k12

SO I know I Suck as well.

I might try putting the semitsu in the other stick, just to see if it’s just shitty hardware or if it is just a placebo for me right now.

I will also check the input like SHSL suggested.