Is it possible for a hack/virus to carry over after a complete system restore?

My comps been going haywire for the past month. I decided that I had enough so I did a full restore (lost 200+GB of Data in the process). And still my comp is slow, non responsive. Anybody got any ideas?

Uhh…I believe Boot sector virus’ can stay with you after a system restore, but I heard they’re easily removed if you have a half way decent antivirus program on your PC. Try AVG and see if that helps, if not download a registry wizards, something you reinstalled might be the real problem, like a program hogging up all your system memory or something.

I tried AVG, didn’t help. Whats the registry program?

if you gots a virus in ur mbr, then you gots to get rid of it via boot disk, the only way to go. do some homwork and look up mbr virus removal on god. should help

And remember to set your floppy to read-only. Also clear CMOS on your motherboard, as some rootkits can store it self there and Gill Resurection itself off the battery even with the system powered off. G’luck :tup:

MBR viruses haven’t been around since the 1990s - and even then they were mostly concept code churned out by “security experts” who use crap like that to sell AV software.

If your computer is just slow, it’s not a virus. Viruses don’t do that sort of thing anymore - now they use your machine to send spam, DOS online casionos, or fire off popups, but nothing that’s going to slow down a computer unless it’s an old PII-400 era machine. If the computer is just slow, and a lot slower than it used to be, and a total reformat+reinstall doesn’t fix things, it’s probably something like the hard drive going bad so that swapping is taking too long, or the CPU/RAM somehow getting underclocked (if you screwed up bios tweaking, it can happen).

well I’m running a P4 EE 3.2 GHZ, its only bout a year old. 200 gb hd, 256 meg ATI pro card. The only thing is that I only have 512 Ram. I know I know, its kinda low but it never caused me trouble before. Although the comp did start to get slow like 2 months after I installed the new vid card into it (used to have a built in 64 meg piece of crap). I’m gonna upgrade the ram to atleast 1 gig, but should I get a new HD?

If the issue is being caused by an external source, reinstalling your system won’t help anything. The thing causing the damage is free to reinstall itself over and over.

Are you running a competant firewall, virus scanner, andti-spyware and other tools? Are you making sure that you visit WindowsUpdate and install all of the latest service packs and fixes for your OS?

Windows is horrible stuff. You need to make sure that you lock down the OS properly before exposing yourself to the evils of the internet. I also recommend using a competant browser like Mozilla Firefox or Opera instead of IE and saving yourself a lot of headaches when ActiveX controls install themselves without asking on your system (see the recent MySpace adbanner WMF vulnerability attack that affected millions of IE users around the world not one month ago).

Alternatively, there are plenty of free operating systems that are not affected by these things, and don’t require extra protection, as they are written intelligently and correctly.

I use AVG, and I’ve got my data ports on lockdown (thanks to the wiki). Use firefox as well. Altho since I took of AIM triton and reinstalled the old aim, everythings been 99% fine. The 1 % bad is that firefox takes like 3 secs to start, which gets annoying.

Instead of a restore, i would format completely the HD

*Yeah I agree- you should re image your machine. You’re saying when you try to delete the virus it comes right back?

You could try trend micro’s online scanner:

Also if the computer is that bad then back up your files and re image it (unless you don’t have the xp cd). If you’re in college most schools provide you with a corporate edition of either Norton or Mcafee anti virus or you could use another means of getting a better av program. Or some school’s provide free tech support- meaning you’d just bring your computer into your local “resnet” office*

Scratch that. You said you problem is fixed now and that firefox just runs slow? Sure it wasn’t because of the new update that was released a few days ago for FF- like it took a while to open because it was updating? How much memory does your computer have btw?

reformat ftw.

yeah reformat and restoring is not the same thing. Restoring just goes back to a past point but the virus, trojans, are still there. If you dont want to reformat then use whatever is necessary i.e: cccleaner, avg, ad-ware or other software in safe mode! and its better also to turn off system restore!

Your hd could be breaking down