Is it possible for this site to make it's own fighting game?

I know we have members that are artists. Do we people that know programing?
What about animators? Is this all it takes to put one together?
I dont have too much time to dedicate to this but I could help out with character designs and I mess around with animation a little bit.

I know some thing like this would take a long time and alot of work, but I think it would be fun.(A fighting game from EVO for EVO)

What do you guys think?

Im curious to see what people say cause apart from a flash game I’d say the answer is no

It would be interesting to take mugan and reverse engineer it and turn it into something completely new, but original sprites and animation would be a pain in the ass. It would probably be easier doing it mortal kombat style with real people (just a guess). But ultimately, it would turn out shitty.

Etcetera-Thats what I’m talking about, something new and original. Even if all we can put together is SF2 level of graphics and animation.

It would be a pain in the ass without the proper programs, artists, etc… If we got so many ppl working on certain aspects of the game, it wouldn’t be so bad. Hell, I got an entire universe in my head. Kinda wish I wasn’t CPU illiterate.

its been done on mugen vs SRK
sadly none of u were around when it happened

What was this like? Was it any good?

Theoritically, yes.

Everything you need to make any video game is (legally) free. Well it’s free if your time is worthless.

I want to see that SRK mugen game.

well, i know it will seem kind of cheesy to most of the srk gang, but i’ve started the art for a fighter I’m going to play around with. I’m going to use the fightermaker2k2 engine as it seems like it can put out a decent engine if you take the time to set everything up correctly. Sure you can go all out with cheese using the app, but from what i’ve seen you can do about anything with it if you know the scripting. I’ve started on my dwarf character in 3ds max, he will be rendered out using a cel shader to simulate being hand drawn. So far my plans are for a dwarf with a BIG hammer, a paladin type character, an elven rogue type char, and a wizard who totes his spellbook around. I havent come up with the rest of the chars yet, but engine wise i want to simulate most of the GGXX stuff. Mainly romans, and burst, along with the wall bounce on certain moves etc… anyway, heres a link to a screen of the dwarf in progress. not much finished yet due to my crazy work schedule but i’ll get there.

all i need is photoshop, mvc++, and someone who’d be willing to study dc homebrew and port that shit down… if its not playable on the dc then its not worth my time…

god if SRK forum made a game it would so fucking broke it would crash when you load it at startup! =x

it will make million$$$ ^-^

good shit

I’m sorry to say it probally won’t happen.
I’ve mentioned before creating a fighting game engine really is not that hard , I’ve spent some time writing one myself. The lack of artist support is what kills any possibility of this happening. That and the lack of organization that will exist.

It seems there has been alot of threads created lately dedicated to fighting game mechanics, the perfect fighter, etc. The threads don’t usually end up with any useful discussion. Usually the results are, “I would like MvC2 gameplay, no parrying, and GG graphics!”

I’ve seen how creative alot of these posters are, and I believe that with the proper team and funds it can be achived.

I would love to get in on something like this. I am not a programer but I can test out concepts and I can create a pretty good storyline to fit into a game. I tried to do something like this myself a few eyars ago (with my brother who was a programer) but he quit on it so we gave it up. But if this happens I’d like to give it another go.

I actually am a CS major, and I do have an engine in semi-stable condition, but I should rewrite much of it from scratch since it was mainly a test of my abilities.

If something like this were going to work, someone would have to step up as the lead designer.

The only thing I can provide is custom tools for artist and developers and possibly an engine.

i can only assist if you need 3d artists. my 2D skills are decent but i havent come to terms with my wacom tablet yet :confused: I guess there is always the option of hand drawing then scanning. i dunno, if this goes anywhere lmk. in the meantime i’m gonna see what i can get out of the fightermaker2k2.

I know people that program and draw… hit me up in aim

Oo 3s masta oO

i also know people who are working on video games at this very moment as well and making ther eown company… hit me up asap to get info

How should we start this?
I have good idea of what I want in gameplay mechanics.
I can take care of animating maybe 2 character.