Is it possible for this site to make it's own fighting game?

If anyone is interested join #fgdev on efnet. Those who don’t have IRC my aim is zn4k

I can’t find this can you post a direct link?

If you’ve never used IRC before grab mirc off of
join the efnet server, I used

I have always wanted to do an old skool style fighter, a direct derivative of Street Fighter 2 before all the customs, alpha counters, and parries. I know there are plenty of people who like those things, and I also know there are plenty of professional and hobby projects that will fill that GG, MVC2 need within the community since that gameplay style is the most popular. I want to create a game that has a system that would appeal to those who like games like HF and ST. I have been working on a design for a while and is considering making a website about it. My only wonder is would anyone like an updated old skool fighter nowadays?

That was actually something I had in mind when I was working on my project fighting engine.

Wow Make it happen people…

Err, i could come up with storylines. That’s pretty much it, sure theres others who could do that too.

Well I can’t atleast.

how much does mirc cost?

Mirc is free.

As far as the game engine, an Idea I was toying around with was creating a program that takes 3d models and creates 2d animated sprite sheets out of them (via cell shading). Would cut down on a lot of the work needed on the art side, since you just have to model something once then animate, and not hand draw 2000 frames. You could still keep the 3d models in game, and use them for cut scenes and/or super sequences or something.

Is it a quick downloadable? Got a link?


Mugen is not a bad engine it’s just that it doesn’t have online, and I believe so far that the only thing that can support it other than PC is x-box (even then it’s tricky from what I understand).

Really SRK can make a balanced game and continually tweak it, mugen isn’t that hard to get into, the best part about it is if something is broken you can patch it and re release. There are also alot of sprites already out there and characters ready made, you can just credit the original creators, tweak the gameplay and synch them up to have similar game mechanics (hyper meter, HP, make them balanced but each has their own stenghts and weaknesses ect.).

Here’s what I had in mind for a game:
Some thing similar to MVC2 but 2 on 2.
When you pick characters you then pick one special move out of all the one’s that the character has available as an assist. Then you pick the super that he will perform in the team super.

Buttons will be assigned like this:
Punch Strong hit Dash
Kick Special Jump
You can rapid fire punchs and kicks and you can zig zag the two. You can chain anyone of these at any point into a Strong hit. You can cancel anyone of the three attacks into a special, a super, a jump(regular, small or super jump) or an air dash(if it applies to the character). The special button will execute special and supers.
I know it will be wierd to have a jump and dash button but it will just take some getting used too. There is good use for having them as buttons though, for jump if you hold down and jump its a low jump(up+jump=super jump). The dash button will make wave dashing and air dashing easier.

There will be a life, super bar and a power bar.
Life bar is the same as in MVC2 (green and red).
Super bar has three levels(one level per super).
Power bar when full will give that character +15% damage. You can only charge it up by pressing the special button while in neutral and holding it. This bar is character specific so if you power up with your first character and then switch him out your second character wont have the bonus and must charge his own.

I’ll post more later.

Wolf, keep that shit simple. Basic HF format to start. I got an entire universe in my head. Pimp Willy, I didn’t even know that could be done, man. That is a great idea.

All I vote is have no SAs/Overdrives to start out. Do it in steps.

Anything can be done in computers with the right imagination and sweat. This wouldn’t even really be that hard to do, and it would allow for great evolution of 2d fighters. The only drawback is I haven’t seen a good 3d -> 2d image converter except for a lot of the cell shading (such as the characters in X-men legends, and the newer DBZ games) , but the difference is they are cel-shading on the fly, not pre-rendering 2d sprites.

An idea I want to toy around with, maybe I can start working on a program for that sometime soon. I just joined Project Dragon though, so we’ll see.

According to this, nintendo used to do the 3d -> sprites technique for older mario games.

I suppose that HF would be the best option.
Another thing though, this will most likely be played on a PC keyboard so QC’s, DP’s and 360’s would be to hard to execute we would be better off simplifying the commands.

Word of advice: make the game before you code it.

Plan out every little aspect of it before you type one character of code.

I learned this the hard way when making my tetris clone. I thought “how could I possibly screw this up, it’s just tetris”. Now my source is a mangled piece of crap.