Is it possible to assign 2 buttons for the same move? (PC)


I’ve been playing Decapre, and I need to plink a lot, but I’m a pad player, so it’s really hard to do her moves without an extra LP.
Is it possible to assign 2 buttons with the same move (LP)?

I can’t find an option in-game… PC version.


No but you can assign select to the button you’re trying to assign LP to and plink with that


It wouldn’t work, since it wont allow 2 LPs for 2 different buttons


I don’t think you can on the pc version, however you can just map the select button to any button you’d like and plink using that. (Select has lower priority than anything so you can even plink light attacks with it)


I’m a pad player… I don’t think using select would be an option… Also, the only move I could assign to the select button is PPP or KKK. I need an extra LP.
I can’t change much of my layout since I play on consoles too =/

Is it possible for me to edit the save file somehow with an hex editor?


Also if you use some kind of input emulator you might be able to map a keyboard key into the joystick, but I’m not sure how useful that would be to you (you would be able to map the LP key into a button, but I’m not sure it would be plinkable).


Also, I’m almost certain using an input emulator like xpadder or joy2key would add some extra frames of input delay. Honestly, it doesn’t seem like there is any (practical) way to select plink unless you’re using a stick.