Is it possible to be good with T. Hawk?

I’ve been a Hawk fan from the SNES days through my SSF4 days. Always my main. But in HDR he seems dumbed down and quite shitty. Are there any pro players at tournies and such that use Hawk? Or can someone give me tips? That Eventhubs strategy page is very unreliable. They put very little effort into the Hawk section.



[media=youtube]MfXimu68g_s]YouTube - [SSF2T GGPO[/media]

Fighting T.Hawk is like volunteering for a Bukkake.

it is impossible to be good with hawk. hawk is so nonsense that when you start using hawk, you can’t drive straight anymore either. you’re forced to drift everywhere you go. no hawk players that main him can drive straight, its impossible.

LOL at Hawk being “dumbed down and shitty”. 4’s Hawk is the worst one ever. Enlighten yourself with the Hawk Thread.


T-Hawk is just so good in this game that it doesn’t even matter.

SSF4’s Hawk happens to be my main and IMO a very cheap character. Over powered/can grab people out of combos. But that’s besides the point. ST’s Hawk is better than HDR’s Hawk.

Look at all the hawks who populate t8 at every U.S. major he should be banned.

ST and HDR Hawk > SSF4 Hawk by very, very, very, very, very, large margin.

Escaping Hawk tick throws in ST/HDR requires skill/ability to hit 1-frame reversals. Escaping in SSF4 requires you to have the amazing dexterity to hold up.

In ST/HDR Hawk has good priorty pokes with good range on the ground and in the air. In SSF4 you can FADC and punish his slow as molasses pokes.

In SSF4 Hawk is low tier, in ST/HDR Hawk is…well, still low tier but always a threat.

HDR, Hawk seems a lot worse than ST Hawk to me. No safe jump throw loop anymore, no more knockdown hawk dive. I mean, a blocked hawk dive in HDR just puts you in footsie range which was never hard to get to in ST.

Hawk in ST was like Gief…low tier, but in the right hands can make matchups look 10-0 in his favor.

SSF4 Hawk is kind of a joke, no jump back hawk dive.

I came a little bit in my pants here:

[media=youtube]MfXimu68g_s#t=2m17s]YouTube - [SSF2T GGPO[/media]

Also, the more you play Hawk, the more you turn into a dinosaur.

yes, triceratops i believe.

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Age is a factor in SF? I didn’t know it was a AO game.

Disregard that idiot and don’t post new threads when you can just ask this question in a thread that’s already been made.

How did I miss this? This is so LOL.

Hear Hear for characters who can throw people out of COMBOS