Is it possible to build an arcade stick for xbox 360?


I’d like to build one myself and am not sure if it is worth the time. Most of the forums here say that the response time would suffer.


Response time? I think you’re either confused about something or you’ve been given bad information.

Yes - people build and mod their own 360 arcade sticks. It is not difficult, and depending on your budget it can be solderless. There is no lag created by this process unless you insist on using a stupidly long USB cable.


Is it possible? Definitely.

Is it worth the time? Depends what you’re looking for as an end-product.
Keep in mind that building your own is guaranteed to NEVER be cheaper than just buying a retail stick, UNLESS there’s something specific you’re looking for.

Unless you WANT the experience of building a stick from scratch yourself, first ask yourself the question: would you be fine with just a stock Mad Catz Fightstick or Hori RAP arcade stick (perhaps with some button/stick swaps and the like)? If yes, you could probably save yourself a lot of time, effort and money and just buy a retail stick. On the flipside, if you want to be very hands-on and you want either something specific that’s not available in a retail stick, or even just want something unique just for yourself, then you should go on ahead and build your own.


I’ve been seeing a lot of people turning their xbox controllers into arcade sticks. Is there any credibility in that build?


Sure, why wouldn’t it be credible?
Stock 1st party controllers have no lag, so turning them into arcade sticks is perfectly viable. The difficulty lies in the choice of controller/PCB used.


When building your own arcade stick, not just you want to factor the cost of parts and materials.
Factor the cost of any tools you will need to buy.

Good wood working tools are going to kill you in costs.


Unless you already have woodworking tools (especially a router and suitable bits), save yourself some grief and buy a case. A Tek-Case, a Panzer stick, or an empty used case (TE or SE are likely your best bet on empties at a low price) will be well worth the cost.