Is it possible to buy only the CD-Key for SSFIVAE (PC)?

Hello guys, I would like to buy Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition (PC), but only the original CD-Key for activation and online play. Do you know if it’s possible to buy only the CD-Key (without the media and stuff)?

I’m asking because if I import the full game from EUA, I’ll pay more than 2 times the original price due to federal taxes (this protectionism is ridiculous!). But I don’t need the fisical media, I can borrow it from a friend of mine to install the game. I only need an unique CD-Key to play online. So, would it be possible to acquire only the CD-Key?

you can go on steam and buy it there. purchases on steam aren’t taxed and you can use the game on any PC that has a steam account. once you purchase and launch the game steam will give you a dialogue window displaying your cdkey (which you’ll have to use if you want to play online with the game).

im not sure how the GFWL process works but you can try that service as well.

personally id go with steam and i’d call you a madman not to.

lastly, keep in mind CRAPcom hasn’t released 2012 yet for pc. we have to wait until end of feb.

This is how I got my SSF4AE key. Except I got it day 1 'cause I pre-purchased on Steam, and instead of using a physical disk, I ran with a torrented ISO. Already paid for the game, so why not?

I checked Steam and the CD-Key is costing $39,99. I think this price is too high because at Amazon the full game (CD-Key + media + box) is costing only $26,38. The CD-Key alone should be cheaper than the whole game product, shouldn’t it?

Besides Steam, is there another way to buy only the CD-Key?

Go with whatever’s cheaper. If it means coming with the media, then bonus.

you can buy online the retail CDKEY… i bought it for 20 euros from some obscure site

$16, this is where I got mine(was $12 at the time)

What’s the difference between a “retail” cd-key and a “steam” cd-key?

Another question, at G2PLAY site they say this:
[LEFT]The key cannot be activated via Steam but only through the game integrated multiplayer[/LEFT]

Is Steam important? Would I suffer some online limitation in my multiplayer options if I buy this type of cd-key?

Steam allows you to download the game through Valve’s distribution service, it would also allow you to show up on Steam while you play, so you can easily contact and connect with your Steam friends if you have an account, in addition to your GFWL friends.

The g2play is activated directly though Games For Windows Live, but you would not play it through Steam so you would only have easy access to your Windows Live/Xbox Live friends.

I don’t have an Xbox nor a ps3, I would play only using the PC. So, if I understand it correct, there are 2 networks to look for online opponents: Steam and Windows Live. If you have a “Stem cd-key”, you have access to both networks, being able to find opponents in Steam network and Windows Live network. But if you have an “retail cd-key”, you would be able only to connect to Windows Live network to seek for opponents, right? So, if I buy the “retail cd-key”, my online possibilities would be limited by half… is that correct?

ps: sorry if these questions sound stupid, but I’ve never played Xbox Live neither Super Street Fighter 4 online (yet)

no there’s not 2 networks.
the game has Windows Live integration, but you can buy the game through Steam or not. Steam is just a distribution service for this game.

i prefer not to buy it from Steam since i won’t have to run the Steam client everytime i want to play
thus i bought the retail CDKEY and used it with a pirated non-Steam copy to activate it online

Oh, I see… so there’s only one network for online gaming, but 2 ways of accessing it: Steam client or Windows Live client. If I buy the retail cd-key, I’ll access this network by Windows Live client, and if I buy the Steam cd-key, I’ll access by Steam client. Is it correct?

If it’s correct, I see no advantage in buying Steam cd-key, as long as retail cd-keys are less than half the price of a Steam cd-key.

16.59 U$S for who is interested on a brand new cd-key , is the cheapest one than I could find on these days. (send me a PM , this is to avoid publishing of some webs than may aren’t associated whit this web)

I have only one more question. If I buy the retail cd-key, which guarantee do I have that they will not resell my cd-key again for another person? Is there some registration service to attach my cd-key to my Windows Live account forever?

ps: I found these cd-keys comparison sites, I hope they help someone to find a good price: street fighter 4

When you use a cd-key on your account of GFWL it will be attached to the account , so no1 else can use it anymore as I know and still remember.

I thought you got this game for free for going to evo last year. You should have gotten one in your e-mail.

Oh, that’s awesome!

I didn’t go to EVO, you might be mistaking me for someone else.

hello…now i already have the live access code for ssf4ae…how to activate/register it? if i already have the pirate one installed in my pc, does it need to uninstall the pirate and then install the genuine one? or i just need to use the live access code to play the game online?

Steam’s a pretty good deal if you wait for a sale. I got SSF4AE for about $14 with all the DLC around Christmas. You can get the game and the key and not have to mess around.