Is it possible to buy soldered 360 PCB?

If so, where and how much?

I can’t seem to get my stick working, and have become frustrated with the PCB soldering.

I need a wireless XBOX 360 PCB to connect to my stick. (Mine may be able to be salvaged), and there are also a lot of people who will do it for you, try the trading outlet used to sell these online. He is a member on this forum, maybe you could PM him to see if he would knock you one up (dont think his online store still sells them anymore).

Other than that, look in the trading outlet.

I’m familiar with the trading outlet, but do not have enough posts to access it. That’s why I’m trying this route…

Try asking LuckyDay, his pad hacks are great, $50 if he supplies the pad and $25 if you supply it. It comes with color coded wires, quick disconnect in either .110 or .187 and terminal strips.

that’s a pretty damn good deal. Though how long are the wires?

I was gonna have this dude do one for me. I ended up doing it myself.